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  1. Could you hit me up and give me a fuller explanation than at the bottom of the constitution of how the league will play out from a standings and playoffs standpoint this year? wheyen33@gmail.com
  2. I've got some interest. Can you email me with what platform the league takes place on, if this baseball season is a fresh start for new individual standings (essentially if baseball ends or starts the calendar), explain more what I'm seeing on the roster team (are grayed out guys gone or is there some kind of resigning method) and anything else you think should be known? Thanks, wheyen33@gmail.com
  3. This looks like a fun team, could you email me payment info? wheyen33@gmail.com
  4. I'd be interested in learning more, wheyen33@gmail.com
  5. Since I won't have been in the whole season, I'd like to understand why I'm paying 55? wheyen33@gmail.com
  6. Shoot me an email with the same info guy above asked for, wheyen33@gmail.com
  7. Could you message me what payment and other details I need to know for the future so I'm in for the long haul? Thanks, wheyen33@gmail.com
  8. I'd like to join. wheyen33@gmail.com could you send me the whole roster?
  9. Could you send me who the keepers are? wheyen33@gmail.com
  10. email me wheyen33@gmail.com , send me if there's already players on the team, what the payout structure is, and why I should join
  11. If you can get the draft to be this weekend I'm in, wheyen33@gmail.com
  12. Hey, send me info on this at wheyen33@gmail.com
  13. Please send the full rosters of Team 1 and Team 2 to wheyen33@gmail.com along with the constitution.
  14. I'm interested, hit me up at wheyen33@gmail.com and let me know what the timeline for the rest of the offseason is
  15. Email me with details: What website is this on, who will be the best players available for that pick, other things I should know.. wheyen33@gmail.com
  16. I'd be interested in joining. Could you email me a timeline of what goes on after these teams get filled up? wheyen33@gmail.com
  17. I'd be interested in the Bellinger or Schoop teams. Could you send me pictures of both teams full rosters to wheyen33@gmail.com
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