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  1. Send me how bad the roster is and how many teams are in the league at wheyen33@gmail.com
  2. Could I see the rest of A, B, D? And what website is this on? Thanks, wheyen33@gmail.com
  3. My impression is that this team stinks, tell me why I want in at wheyen33@gmail.com
  4. Could you email me with info on potential free agents this offseason, cap space, and the offseason timeline going forward? wheyen33@gmail.com
  5. Is it a pay league? And where's the team in the standings? wheyen33@gmail.com
  6. Is there a monetary aspect here? And I'll be taking over existing teams? wheyen33@gmail.com
  7. Could you send info on all three open rosters to wheyen33@gmail.com ? And more of the league info for the free one of size, scoring, normal entry
  8. I'm interested. Shoot me an email at wheyen33@gmail.com with what the offseason timeline looks like
  9. wheyen33@gmail.com , I'd be very interested I've seen your league a few times on this board in the past and never pulled the trigger. I think the thing I'd most like a longer explanation on is what happens mid-MLB season with the second season here in regards to keepers, payouts then versus the whole season, and anything else with that shift
  10. I'd be most interested in the Indians but would like you to give me an honest assessment of the team so I understand how it fits into a league of this size and setup. Email wheyen33@gmail.com, thanks
  11. Could you hit me up with the roster and scoring details and if there's any dynasty aspect? wheyen33@gmail.com
  12. You have 11 teams and you're trying to draft tonight? Count me in if you get close wheyen33@gmail.com
  13. Do you have the option of keeping less than 12? And is the draft including both rookies and non-kept players? And does it snake or go straight? Email me with answers at wheyen33@gmail.com
  14. Email me at wheyen33@gmail.com , I want to discuss taking over Minnesota. Could you just sum up how the varying entry fee system works? Along with how much activity takes place on the forum vs on fantrax? Thanks!
  15. Could you email me the details I need at wheyen33@aol.com, and maybe an assessment of how you feel the team is shaping up?
  16. I've never used that website before. Email me and help me out with understanding how it works. Wheyen33@aol.com does the team I pick matter? how much do I owe when, and where are payments handled? how will initial rosters be formed? One draft, rookie draft, free agency, or what?
  17. Can you send me the rest of the information? wheyen33@aol.com
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