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  1. Hey man! This helps a lot! I decided not to go with the trade and when I think about what you wrote it make a lot of sense. Yeah, my team is a bit all over the place which is why I am in panic mode and scrambling to make trades.
  2. Richardson right now. Don't think Collins will be getting minutes until post all-stars break. He get you that nice out of position blocks.
  3. It is a 12 team league but with 11 players per roster. I think at this point, Embiid's value is pretty low considering he being an injury risk. Right now I am leaning on doing the trade and picking up someone like Taurean Prince. Which 3 and D wings would try to target? Bradley, Covington, Ariza?
  4. I don't think his elbow injury is an issue. Probably used as an excuse to rest him in the preseason.
  5. Yeah that was one of the reasons why I picked Schroder, he went the hell off last year for me. I'm just worried that his usage going up means huge FG% and TO issue. I think with this roster, I am punting assist and I'm wondering Schroder may be detrimental to this build.
  6. Was just offered Lowry and Jae Crowder for Schroder and Aaron Gordon. Would you guys bite on that?
  7. Probably not since Jonas will be restricted by Casey as always.
  8. Tyreke man... dude is made out of glass. I can see him peaking at 16-5-5 if healthy but I doubt his knees or ankles would keep up with him. Memphis might try to run him as a 6th man or something. I'd probably do a wait and see approach with him.
  9. I refuse to believe that this man won't see the floor during his contract year. As for picking him, it is basically a gamble whether he's going to be healthy or not. Great reward comes with great risk and that can easily make you a contender if it pay off.
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