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  1. This dude is absolute money in deep leagues, his stocks are elite and he's even fixed his FT%. OKC with the 4 game week...never a good time to get hurt but damn, wish he could've gotten hurt on a 2-3 game week. Get well, Noel.
  2. Total guess here but he will play 2, possibly 3 games out of 4 this week. As far as I know they've done no MRI on the knee and if they have then they've kept it under wraps. Either way, I'm starting to relax a little bit and I do think this is likely just a minor issue.
  3. Too much talent to drop in 14+ size leagues. That said, I would be trying to get anything at all that I can for him right now. Dude is just waiting to be shut down.
  4. Didn't this same knee bother him earlier this season as well? The RW blurbers are trying to play it off as no big deal because it's "to his non-surgically repaired knee" but let's not act like dudes haven't over compensated and hurt their previously "good" knee/ankle/whatever before trying to protect their damaged limb. I hope this is nothing major as I'm already ravished by injuries and barely hanging on as it is in my big money league.
  5. The minutes are there, this guy just flat out isn't producing. Like, at all. Any Rockets fans care to weigh in here?
  6. Dude is going to be out 3 weeks minimum...So of course Yahoo is going to drag their feet with the INJ tag. SMDH.
  7. Watched the game live, the way dude was reacting you would of thought he tore his achilles or something. He was crying and biting down on a towel, had to be carried off by multiple team mates. If this turns out to "just" be a mild sprain this dude's pain tolerance must be really low.
  8. And I'm pretty sure that Gase is the one drawing up the plays, not Darnold.
  9. Bro I'd of broken my finger hitting the accept button on that offer.
  10. Provided no further bad news comes out on Dorsett's hamstring before waivers clear, Dorsett.
  11. Know? No. Think? Maybe Pray? Definitely The fact he got in "limited" practices this week is somewhat encouraging, as is the 10 days off between games. Fingers crossed bud.
  12. You don't get away with some of the stuff he's done without possessing generational talent. Hill has the speed and raw athletic ability to beat ANY secondary. And speaking of generational talent...He's got friggin' Mahomes launching him the ball. Dude is the very definition of matchup proof. If it wasn't for all of the off the field crap and uncertainty dude would've went even higher in drafts than he did. Provided he stays healthy he is going to be an absolute fantasy monster ROS. Type of dude who can carry a squad. Buckle up boys, Tyreek only knows one speed.
  13. QB who can't stop looking his direction(Rosen) The lowly 'Skins secondary(No, Josh Norman hasn't been relevant in years) A whole extra week to prepare(Coming off bye) If dude was EVER going to produce it would of been this week. Dumping him and never looking back.
  14. Well, he split the receiving work with Ekeler, which was surprising but a positive. The offensive line is awful however. And he has Tennessee, Chicago & GB up next.
  15. Eh, I went ahead and picked him up in my 16 teamer before today's games kicked off. He has some small appeal but that Miami offense is freaking ghastly. Plus he's gonna have to contend with Drake to be their lead pass catching back and Ballage's pathetic azz is somehow still getting goal line carries from the team. That said...Dude has looked like their best back all season. Def worth an add in 14+ or even deep 12 teamers IMO. Let's see what he does next week.
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