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  1. I would toss PJW into the trade. I am not a fan anymore after his hot start.
  2. I believe you can find better value than Randle, if you are looking to trade holmes.
  3. I would not make this trade. I am a firm believer in OG. Dennis is limited behind CP3 and Shai. OG has a clear path at full minutes and helps in stocks rather than Dennis.
  4. Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing great and having a fun time this fantasy season. Reason why I am here is because I need some help. I recently made a move in my league ( Ben Simmons + Eric Bledsoe for Donovan Mitchell). However, I still free like I am missing something. This is my whole roster, and I would really love your input. I honestly, I believe need one more rebounder, but other than that it’s a solid build imo. Also before I forget. I will respond and help your posts if you guys need help as well. H2H most cats (points, 3s, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, FG%, FT%, Tos) “10 l
  5. ... This is his third year into the league. His first two season they didn't need him. Plus with Kawhi stopping by in year two, they didn't need OG as much and they had Demar soaking up all his minutes year one. Honestly, they need his defense and no one is in his way to take his minutes not even journeymen RHJ. He has a golden the opportunity to perform. This guy is a hold for now in ten team leagues are bigger. However, if he doesn't perform by mid-late December he is a drop.
  6. there is no way in heck someone will accept that trade.
  7. Hey man, Long time lurker (hey,hey), First time commenter. Just wanna say you got some nice information here. Really stoked for next week streamer options. Lets go out and get so Ws!
  8. Top choices would be: Miles, Prince, and then Jarrett. Watch Jarrett the wolves really love him.
  9. With this build. I would punt assists. I would focus on moving Mitch Rob for a better % guy. Other than that it is looking nice.
  10. Dunn is most likely not starting. I would go with DJ. Even tho I drafted Dunn😂
  11. I know the season hasnt started yet, but I am curious to see if I need to improve my squad! I will respond to your post as well! H2H 9 Cats (Points, rebounds, steals, assists, blocks, three, Fg%, Ft%, Turnovers) Pg: Jrue Holiday, Ben Simmons, Rajon Rondo, Eric Bledsoe, Derrick White, Tomas Satoransky, Kris Dunn Sg:Eric Gordon Sf: Robert Covington, Otto Porter, Justise Winslow Pf: Jaren Jackson Jr, Draymond Green, C:Karl-Anthony Towns, Bam Adebayo
  12. I did not see a thread on this guy. I am personally not too high on him, but I would just like to cover my a** and possibly target him late in the draft. What is everyone's thinking on this guy? Will he be a starter or at least get quality minutes?
  13. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=71245519&inviteId=d3f45e63-0384-4272-a928-91a17e9882c6 join now
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