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  1. A league mate just informed me that he hooked up with a Kardashian. Well, my season is now officially over !
  2. At least he ain't injured yet. Every other Orlando player I pick up lately won't survive his first game on my squad (Mason III, Ennis III).
  3. I can get used to the different layout / color. What bothers me though, that they still haven't fixed the blurb navigation error. You want to read some pages of blurbs and after hitting "next" you have to scroll back up every time.
  4. Texans hired Ravens passing game coordinator David Culley to be their head coach. Houston Chronicle's John McClain had it first. Culley's hiring comes out of nowhere. The 65-year-old assistant has been in the NFL since 1994, yet has never called plays. His tenure as a positional coach includes being the WR coach for a Chiefs offense that scored zero WR touchdowns, being the QB coach for Josh Allen's 10/12 TD/INT rookie season, and being the passing-game coordinator of the Ravens most recently. That plays into why Culley has never interviewed for a head coaching job outside of this one
  5. He might someday. Yet unprofessionell decisions like this won't convince Watson to stick around.
  6. McCown is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He has served in Pro Athletes Outreach and Coaches Time Out, which are both ministries. He has also spent time speaking to church youth and men's groups during the offseason. He is more then qualified to lead the Houston Preachers into a bright future !
  7. The Texans have to get rid of Easterby. A clueless owner "praying for enlightenment" with the executive VP before making football decisions is not the way to go imho.
  8. Can we even call it a season at this point ? Just today I lost 7 out of 10 players to PPD in a league. The same league I "earned" a championship last season due to the randomness of being in first when the season got suspended. Playing in H2H just feels like throwing darts while blindfolded in the hope that some of them hit the board.
  9. I wouldn't bet on it. Remember Joe Webb ca. 2010 with the Vikings ? Also there is a decent chance that all Ravens & Steelers end up giving you 0 points, so it's good to have options.
  10. Feels a bit like cheating, but I did add him in the 2 leagues I badly need a win.
  11. He also never had a backfield for himself in all his years in New Orleans, so he has a lot less mileage then most 30 year old backs. I actually expect an increase in usage due to better game script and may send out some buy low offers for him this week.
  12. He had a really good game for a change and since I think it may be the start of something and Gurley always an injury risk, I'll target him on wires wherever I can.
  13. If Kittle & Samuels remain out he is at least a WR3 with a high celling. Just don't overreact while bidding on him (only 29% owned on yahoo). They may beat up another lousy NFC East team in the Eagles, but after that the schedule gets harder and he will get more competition for targets.
  14. I see him as a solid WR3 in PPR at a bargain price. He managed 50 receptions with 6 TDs last season despite being suspended for the first four games. I expect the same this year with a slight uptick in receptions. Should Danny Dimes improve and Engram & Shepard keep struggling to stay healthy he may even flirt with 80+ receptions.
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