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  1. I would think Nolan’s numbers dip a bit too.
  2. anyone know the accumulated record of the steeler opponents? what happens if kc has to go to pittsburg for the afc final in january?
  3. let’s think about this for a minute. He is what, 44? How can he be as good. Not sure has anything left to prove. Come on man!
  4. Crazy year but it’s always good when the Redsox are stinky.
  5. always has. he can still dink and dink with thebest of them.
  6. If a player opt's out they are not getting paid correct?
  7. Time for players and owners to pack it in. Plan for 2021 hopefully.
  8. more COVID out there now than in the beginning. How they going to play baseball?
  9. anyone ever watch Adam 12. Was watching an old rerun the other day. Amazing how much Tom looks like Reed fron that show.
  10. Bucs need a lot more than Brady to win. Brady is after money but more rings too.
  11. how about 9ers? Jimmy G can be his backup again. 9ers would have beat Chiefs if Brady was there a few weeks ago.
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