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  1. 4 hours ago, Boudewijn said:

    The Hall of Fame is a tourist attraction first and foremost. If you bring your kids/grandkids/etc there in 20 years, and Brady or Manning aren't there, you're going to ask your money back. If Rivers isn't there, would you even notice? 

    On the other hand, if I vist and I see Phlip Rivers I won't get upset, the guy had a pretty good career. But as someone said about Gore, it should be the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Pretty Good.

    steve young not worthy


  2. 16 hours ago, Andy Mick said:

    Taking back my earlier prediction. I’m going KC vs NO instead of Pittsburgh. 

    Steelers look like the worst 11-0 team in history.

    anyone know the accumulated record of the steeler opponents?


    what happens if kc has to go to pittsburg for the afc final in january?


  3. 2 hours ago, JE7HorseGod said:

    Yeah I think we all know the chances of getting through this season without players testing positive after July 24th are going to be pretty slim.  Hopefully we'll never see anything like this again, but it'll be interesting...

    Time for players and owners to pack it in. Plan for 2021 hopefully.

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  4. 1 hour ago, sSektor said:

    I'm all for snarky sarcastic comments but it's getting kinda boring at this point and nobody is going to change their minds.


    Also I hope they free that AB guy so he can join whichever team Brady ends up with.

    AB will be back with Big Ben.


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  5. 4 hours ago, BMcP said:

    Really - why not Chargers, with Allen, Williams, Henry and Gordon (and/or Ekeler)?  

    I also cannot agree with the notion that the Titans pass-catchers are far better than those Brady worked with in 2019.  I’m open to persuasion, though.

    how about 9ers? Jimmy G can be his backup again. 
    9ers would have beat Chiefs if Brady was there a few weeks ago.


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