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  1. anyone see him introduced before the afc championship? What is with these players crawling on all fours and lifting their leg to pee? Classless
  2. Titans should sign one of those available fa qb’s.
  3. It will be watchable because the Pats are sitting home.
  4. nobody really cares. well, maybe gizelle.
  5. what about German? Wonder what his status is?
  6. signed for the money and not the chance for more rings.
  7. if they win a couple championships all is good. They will need to pay judge and torres in a few years.
  8. Brady has always been in late in games in blow outs too.
  9. will probably have to win afc champ game in NE to get there.
  10. I see Brady was complaining about the offense. Look in the mirror bub.
  11. andujar should be converted to full time 1b. Voit and Ford are flash in the pans.
  12. Can you say Tommy John! Hurt elbow without getting hit.
  13. I left out the not. Will not go further.
  14. Yankees may win the division but will go further with those arms.
  15. At this point in his career is Flacco really any better than Keenum?
  16. I know he is young but I am not sure he has winning super bowl qb in him.
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