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  1. Pats should be 0-3 in their last 3 SB appearances. Seattle and Atlanta both beat themselves.
  2. Why do so many teams in the NFL get a nice lead and go conservative all of a sudden?
  3. Home plate umpire squeezing cc pretty good.
  4. Has a couple hits last night. Bartolo Colon can get anyone out of a slump.
  5. Hard to figure. The whitesox suck and are going nowhere. Why not bring him up and turn him loose. He has been hot in aaa recently.
  6. Like to see him throwing for the Yankees by the end of the month.
  7. He has nasty stuff. He could be dominant in the NL.
  8. Just one of those guys who can't play with a little pain.
  9. Why does Joe keep running Tyler Clipper out there? He should be DFA'd.
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