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  1. Like many, Russ let me down big-time, but he hurt me even worse because I also had D.K. in my lineup. I gave strong consideration to starting Watson, and now I wish I would have. But Pittsburgh's D still has a chance to bail me out tonight.
  2. I need 11 points from the Steelers D/ST. I expect Ryan Finley to take a couple sacks, but the turnovers aren't guaranteed, even from him.
  3. It's PPR: Jones is going tonight so I have to make my decision soon. Both great matchups, but I worry about the Packers others weapons stealing from Jones.
  4. Surprised Hinton didn't run more, but maybe Denver was afraid of him getting hurt. Anyways, no realistic W/T option on my league's wire had more than 3-4 points (including the non-targeted Jonnu Smith), but obviously that still would've been better than a negative on the scoreboard.
  5. Ironically, I'm going to start him over Jeudy and Patrick.
  6. I can't wait for the Ravens to jump the shark and have all of them on the field at the same time running the service academy triple option. It'll be like when the Eagles had the four-TE package years ago.
  7. For now, I have to activate Mixon from IR (on Yahoo) before I make any waiver moves which is frustrating, because as others have said, who knows when he'll be back.
  8. Damn, I remember Titus, he was a great player for the Chippewas. Forgot that he and Corey were brothers, sorry that he passed.
  9. I read somewhere that the Chargers had to put Ballage back on the practice squad because of the timing of his call-up, but we'll see how it plays out later in the week.
  10. The Patriots D/ST to NOT get more than 10 points. I'm gonna be nervous as hell anticipating the inevitable return TD or gaggle of sacks.
  11. I was on the verge of fading the experts and going with Rodgers instead of Watson, but stuck with DeShaun. Sucks to watch, but there's always Sunday.
  12. I generally trust Rodgers more, but Watson is ranked higher by many of the experts this week and has a better match-up (maybe?). 4 points per passing TD if that helps.
  13. Why has the Carolina offense been so slow with the play clock all night?
  14. Including mine; I went with Odell and he died early.
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