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  1. I love this kid. Joy to own. Love the physical athleticism speed and power... His HR yesterday was opposite field again, opposite field power is a big indicator for me and I love to see it. He can turn on a pitch and pull it out down the line, he can go with it and go oppo taco, or load up and mash it 450 feet to CF... Love it.
  2. And a former 2nd round pick out of high school... Got pedigree too. I'm thinking this might be our fun breakout of the year.
  3. I mean he was in decline in Boston and had issues down the stretch. Guy literally hasn't been good in 3 years. I just shot his dead body 2 more times, want me to keep going? 😆
  4. He never had an issue with strikeouts though. His SO9 was 13 and 16 the last two years but his ERA was 6.53 and 5.28... quick look and his o-swing is through the roof, got some guys swimging at junk instead of taking the walks that have killed him. I already pulled the trigger. He's done. Maybe he comes back a zombie on me...
  5. Hmm... To be honest I think modern managers care far more about OF defense than old school guys, especially in corner spots. Old school guys just want a strong arm in RF and anyone they can hide in LF... New school guys think Jackie Bradley Jr should play full time and get paid $10 MM per year. ... End of the day though Vaughn had never played anything other than 1B or pitcher in college or the minors... Couldn't find his high school position other than he used to pitch... We are talking about a guy that has no more experience in the OF than most posters on this board. No
  6. Craig Kimberly... I was stunned he had any draft value. Edit: autocorrect typo but I'm leaving it, it fits.
  7. Hopefully just for the double switch
  8. Juan Nicasio, Greg Bird, Maikel Franco... There's one every year.
  9. He literally pitched his first game while it was snowing... And he still struck out a dozen. Leads all of baseball with 24 K with a God mode 22% swinging strikes. He's dominant, enjoy the ride.
  10. Sorry, I don't play 90s fantasy baseball in 2021... Wins are not a category on either of my leagues. 😆
  11. He's Joey Gallo without the HRs or fielding ability.
  12. Eh... Eric Thames stole 40 bags in the KBO... Stealing 23 last year doesn't impress me... He's a bit of a wild card, but I wouldn't rely on steals just from the KBO stats. Waiting for his statcast speed to get posted once he has enough sprints.
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