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  1. Oh wow, yeah I like this one!! Avisail Garcia lost 40 pounds!!! Another link same story https://www.brewcrewball.com/platform/amp/2021/2/26/22304032/brewers-outfielder-avisail-garcia-lost-nearly-40-pounds-in-the-offseason
  2. This is a thread for relaying information on players that have reported to spring training in their best shape eva!!!! Please provide picture or link. I'll kick this off with Rafael Devers being reported as improved shape after being criticized for being out of shape last year... https://www.mlb.com/news/rafael-devers-red-sox-focused-on-defense-entering-2021
  3. Well you are assuming it is being used as an adjective; rather than Auction Draft itself being a noun similar to how Auction Bridge is for cards. The draft aspect is the rolling list for nominating players, especially once you get down to the remaining teams having only $1 per slot and you automatically win your nominations. In an auction the auctioneer presents items for bid, not the bidders... in an auction draft the bidders select what player is to be bid on via nominations with opening bids so in essence it is different than just an auction and that's where the draft aspect come
  4. ****. Now you got me questioning the meaning of life.
  5. GOAT. It's become so overused. Everyone and everything is the GOAT now. It's even been watered down from literally greatest of all time to just anyone good. It's the new participation trophy for anyone successful. It's transformed from Greatest Of All Time to Good Or Actively Trying.
  6. When people talk about underlying metrics regressing to the league average... Well yeah if everyone did that all players would be the same!
  7. For the vast majority of leagues he's a guy to keep in the back of your head as he sits on the wire. Honestly, any active owner should be monitoring the Rockies lineup and their hitters anyway... Now I know that that little league park the Yankees play at is prime time for lefties (mens softball fields are longer down the line) but in Colorado breaking balls are far less effective, although that may not matter because he couldn't hit fastballs with exception to his rookie year lol.
  8. No more cameras telling him what's coming, the "Cora magic" wore off.
  9. great post but those park factors are wayyyyy off... Are those ESPN? ESPN has awful "park factors" which are really just home and visitor splits... For instance Milwaukee is a band box and Pittsburgh is a grave yard... ParkFactors.com has much better methodology including a 5 year sample. COL 138 ARZ 108 LAD 97 SD 86 SF 76 going to: STL 90 MIL 118 CIN 117 CHC 105 PIT 86 This is a MASSIVE hit to home park but much upgraded road. Still hurts...
  10. In my draft prep I review the standings from the previous year of my league, I throw it into a table and look at what it would take to finish in the top 3, bottom 3, and middle of the pack. I consider how close categories are and what their typical gaps are. Categories that are more tightly grouped I consider to be categories I can improve standing through in season management, and others with large gaps are more relied upon drafting. But to answer your original question I try to build my team to score no less than 7 points out of 10 in a 10 team Roto, but really want a top 3 finish.
  11. Thanks... Took a while but i got it after the first response... My theme had no 3 lines up top, had to change the theme first then got the 3 lines.
  12. Choked out lmao... Dude went full on fencing posture that doesn't happen from being choked.
  13. Wait... Are you telling me there's a rule that exists that doesn't wholeheartedly favor the offense??? CHANGE IT!!! /S
  14. Okay so apparently the site format just updated, how the heck do i view notifications on mobile?? They used to be in the top right you could see who liked or replied to you or messaged you now its gone... Just stream, new post, and search.
  15. strawman... You are literally the only one saying this and keep pushing it. Go reread. And no, not every offense has the QB making adjustments at the line consistently. Far from it.
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