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  1. Dash RJ for Richardson Trade Wiggins and aim for buddy hield
  2. Your team would love for some more rbs so try and shop around for that. Nurkic is injury prone too so once he goes down it’s gg Drop nunn for Alec or Bridges ( I’d choose Alec)
  3. Might be late to the party since I just read above that the other manager didn’t take the trade but I honestly didn’t expect him to, I’m always gonna take bam over sab
  4. If your trying to punt assist you did a good job Who’s on your waiver wire? Maybe trade WCJ for someone with stocks
  5. Damian lillard Karl-Anthony Towns Brandon Ingram buddy hield Lonzo ball Aaron Gordon Andre Drummond Lauri Markkanen Josh Richardson Brook Lopez Joe Harris Miles Bridges Evan Fournier Waiver wire includes: Joe ingles, Zubac, Thomas Bryant, Carmelo, Malik Baesley, Marc Gasol, will Barton, thsis, TristanT, Milsap, THT, Payton,
  6. Finally, hopefully it’s a permanent turnaround
  7. So are we trading him or are we keeping him cause I have no faith in him to keep this up LOL
  8. As long as I win my matchup he can be bum this week, I know he’ll be a beast sooner or later Dont make poor moves guys hold out
  9. Was gonna grab brogdon but he might have to catch the boot, cedi is a instant pick up
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