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  1. Looks like Gibson will play but the later game puts it in limbo. WHIR Thanks and good luck today!
  2. As much as I like your username MingusDew, I disagree. This game is to basically win the division and Russ did not have a good game earlier in the season. He will show up on Sunday. See you back here after the game either way.
  3. Not much faith in Russ here guys. He will be looking to avenge a poor showing against the Rams earlier this season. [...] there are no better options on a really thin waiver wire. Divisional matchup with something to prove. I think he steps up big time.
  4. But watching that shitshow was so frustrating. Feel bad for Bengals fans.
  5. Or the 3rd and 1 on the Browns 5 where they took him out and put Bernard in.
  6. The drive where he got out in space and caught passes they moved the ball easily. Then went back to Burrow looking downfield every play and Bernard in there. Never established a running game. O-line, play calling, personnel selection is trash. Would try to trade but nobody including the Bengals fan in my league would take him. Complete disappointment. 61 passes by Burrow Would rage drop him to waivers if I could right now.
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