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  1. H2H, 12 teams, keep 8 Just wondering which player is more valuable if you aren't chasing any specific stats? In the yahoo game Mondesi is rated 25 while Voit is rated 53. I do have Trea Turner so I'd have to fill my UTL position with Mondesi. So I don't need Mondesi per se but not sure if I can abandon his upside and take Voit instead. Thoughts? Thanks!
  2. 12 teams, H2H, Keep 8 Offense: Luke Voit, Adalberto Mondesi, Ronald Acuna Jr., Trea Turner, Cavan Biggio, Anthony Rizzo, Luis Robert, Kyle Lewis, Joey Gallo, Victor Reyes, Carson Kelly, Eduardo Escobar Pitching: Shane Bieber, Walker Buehler, Jack Flaherty, Jesus Lazardo, Corbin Burnes, Ryan Pressley, Mike Clevinger, Lance McCullers, Drew Pomeranz, Taylor Rogers, Archie Bradley
  3. So I don't know much about hockey but have been trying to get into it with the Kraken about to start up next season. I have some tickets so I need to learn. Figured I'd play fantasy hockey to help with that a little. So my draft is tonight. 20 teams (seems like a lot) Yahoo- H2H. Redraft. Free league. I'm curious about: 1) what players are undervalued in the Yahoo game? 2) what positions are the most scarce and what positions are the most deep? 3) who are the must have breakout players for 2021? 4) overall draft strategy? THANK YOU!!
  4. I would go with your posted starters. If Julio sits then I would go with Parker over Gage. Just seems less risky to me.
  5. 10 teams, Standard league Can't decide who to start between Jeff Wilson Jr., Fournette, David Johnson or Dobbins. Thoughts? Thank you.
  6. 10 teams, standard league - which TWO of these do I start? Leonard Fournette David Johnson Melvin Gordon III JK Dobbins Jeff Wislon Jr.
  7. 10 teams, standard league, redraft. 6 points per TD I've been rolling out Russell Wilson all year and for the most part he's been dominate. The last month or more, not so much. Not a ton on the waiver wire but Baker Mayfield or Jared Goff is the best of the lot. Should I roll with the guy who got me to the Super Bowl and ignore his recent stats and that he's playing the toughest defense against the pass? Or do I pivot to Mayfield? Thanks!
  8. Just curious who your backup is? I'd be looking at Baker Mayfield.
  9. Who's 3rd string in KC are CEH and Bell hurt enough to miss next week?
  10. Thanks guys. Damn. I really can't screw this up. Any other thoughts?
  11. 10 teams PPR... 6 points per TD PPR who gets the start?? JK Dobbins or Chase Claypool. WHIR
  12. 10 teams, PPR Apparently Murray had the 2nd most designed runs of the season last week. So probably feeling a bit better?? I'm also a little scared of the Washington Football Team's front seven absolutely kicking Russell's a**. Or am I overthinking this? Who should I start?
  13. Fant was just dropped and I was thrilled and just put in a waiver claim for this dud. My other option is Hayden Hurst. The only other guy I'd consider is Jordan Reed. Just stuck with suck in my league.
  14. Just wondering if you would drop Gio for Jeff Wilson. I'm not going to play either this weekend but potentially could play Jeff Wilson against Dallas in week 15. Gio has Dallas this weekend but I just can't roll him out there with the broken Bengals. But Gio also has Houston week 16. I also don't want to help anyone else I'm playing by dropping Gio. What's the move here? Thank you! 10 teams, PPR
  15. Which RB would you roll with this week? 10 teams, PPR Myles Sanders has been awful of late but maybe Jalen Hurts injects some life into the Eagles?? Thoughts?
  16. I'd go Dobbins at your RB spot and TB against Minn.
  17. Reading the other replies I can't argue against Brady but I'd go Kyler just because of the high ceiling. Are you favored to win? If so, I'd maybe play it safe with Brady. If you need to light this fool up... hope Kyler balls out. Good luck!
  18. 10 teams, PPR, redraft Cam Akers Myles Sanders Giovanni Bernard Miles Gaskin UGH!! Who would you start?
  19. I drafted both of them back to back in the 4th and 5th round. I just wanted a good QB with all the uncertainty around covid. After the draft I regretted it but it all worked out. 11-2 headed into the playoffs in the #1 position.
  20. 10 teams, PPR, redraft Russell Wilson has probably played the worst football of his career the last few weeks. That said he is playing against the lowly Jets and typically I like to play the QB that got me to the playoffs. On the other hand I've never had as good a backup as Kyler before... but he's playing against the Giants who give up the 5th fewest points against QB's in my league. Thoughts? Advice? Who should I start??
  21. 10 teams, PPR, redraft Just looking for the best option for the rest of the season. Thanks.
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