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  1. For his draft spot he's definitely the non qb mvp.
  2. Depends on where you got a player. I'd say Lamar, Russel, Godwin, and maybe Jacobs.
  3. If he is available and you are in a dire TE situation then you should pick him (especially if you got room on your IR spot if you have one). Since Cleveland plays tonight (TNF) my league settings will lock up those players for the waiver period. Grab him now while no one is thinking about him.
  4. I just don't even understand how an OC on an abysmal offense that goes 9-7 gets a job at Green Bay. I guess to stay on topic with DH its amazing that he is finally being used as a workhorse in his fourth year. That game he had last year at the end was nasty with the four touchdowns.
  5. Fair point to a degree, but you could put anyone with Aaron Rodgers and basically be guaranteed a playoff spot (especially in the NFC North).
  6. Ive been saying this for a year now. ANY OC or HC that he has had SHOULD NEVER get another opportunity in the NFL. They had the opportunity to have this guy beast 25 times a game and would give him the rock four times. I wish those coaches got blackballed from the league. And don't get me started on Gase. It's such a good ol boy network.
  7. If you were able to draft a solid rb1 then you got to be happy with Carson's production as your RB2.
  8. How is he still available in leagues?!?!?!
  9. I think both Gordon and Ekeler will be fine (especially Ekeler in PPR). Ekeler will be a RB1/2 and Gordon will be a serviceable RB2/Flex. Chargers won't abandon Gordon. I think they will try and grind whatever is left out of him and keep Ekeler as their main back for next year.
  10. People trying to "buy low" on Godwin or "sell high" on Evans are nuts. I said this very early on... this reminds me of Fitzgerald and Boldin in 2005. They are both gonna eat.
  11. Mmmmm... they aren't making the playoffs. They aren't going to trade their future for a RB that will want Leveon money. Not happening.
  12. If you got IR spot then stash him and pick up snell see how it plays out.
  13. My hunch is that Gordon stays with the Chargers. No team is going to part with much for his services at this point (unless they are super desperate which the Lions might be). Chargers are probably better off keeping both Gordon and Ekeler as injury insurance for one another this season as they are still in the hunt.
  14. He's 36, got A LOT of miles on him, a undersized rookie QB, with a rookie head coach. His fantasy production outlook was such a wild card before the season. Not sure what anyone truly expected as it was anyone's guess.
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