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  1. This. No way he can go from the 20 mins per game he was getting to basically nothing overnight after the Dallas game. Actually is more encouraging that his minutes have fallen off a cliff. Rather than slowly disappearing due to poor play.
  2. As long as his recovery is on track and he is healthy I don't know why they wouldn't play him the minutes he can handle. Rest days etc but otherwise he should soak up TJM's minutes at a minimum I would have thought? The real question will be how his recovery is going and whether they will treat him with kid gloves. History suggests the Sixers would but as a stash on IR may as well see what happens and only activate him if things look good.
  3. Minutes are there but damn the guy plays like he is scared of the ball or something now. Between Giannis being Michael Jordan and Bledsoe trying to get his Malcolm looks lost out there. Even Snell is getting in on the action and he is better at looking like the Predator than actual NBA.
  4. Despite his on court game, the kid can shoot the deep ball.
  5. What sort of projections are we expecting from him ROS? I'm getting a Marqueese Chriss vibe from him but wonder how he is for stocks?
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