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  1. Yeah. I guess the silver lining in this is that it will continue to motivate Fred (not that he really needs it, but it could add a bit more fuel). At the very least, the man better get recognized for a selection for the all defensive team. It would be an absolute crime if he gets no consideration for that.
  2. Maybe the b2b was a factor in his minutes. Gonna hold and see if they'll ramp the minutes up on Friday against Indy.
  3. Like what others have said, you're taking this term too literally. I can say without a doubt that Covington was THE biggest reason why I won blocks last week. You don't have to make this so complicated.
  4. Uhh this guy just got a steal AND a block and yall gonna just be silent about this?!?!
  5. He is going to single handedly win me this category this week. Without him I would've been down 2 blocks. Incredible.
  6. Wow walked back to the locker room with team doctor just minutes before tip off. What happened??
  7. I can kinda see it. Though i'll say that Stoudamire was a lot quicker and agile and had better court vision. FVV is not exactly as creative with the ball.. he's much better playing off the ball actually.
  8. He played a lot better than what the boxscore showed. He was great defensively, got a few tips that didn't translate to steals. His shot was terrible though lol but at least he got to the basket a few times. He'll be alright.
  9. This man has one of the best hands in the league. Just took the ball away from Giannis on his spin drive like it's nothing. He's blocking shots at an amazing rate for his size and he's doing them in a way where he's just slapping/taking the ball out of the hands of the shooters as they're about to bring the ball up for the shot. The block rate seems sustainable if he keeps this up.
  10. Questionable today.. with a sprained left thumb 🤔 https://ak-static.cms.nba.com/referee/injury/Injury-Report_2021-02-18_01PM.pdf Apparently he suffered the injury during the 1st qtr against the Bucks so that on top of the ankle soreness... man is banged up.
  11. Poojan showed up tonight. Hoping he'll bounce back quickly.
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