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  1. Coach really likes him. Roto seems to think he’s garbage now but I’m not quite convinced of that. Whether he starts or not we have no clue but I wouldn’t be surprised if he still finds a way to get 30-35 min with the bulk of that expense coming from Monk.
  2. I shudder to think that the Raps were this close to signing him once they fired Casey. Bud has been exposed so many times especially in the playoffs that it's surprising he's still coaching there.
  3. Booker just got ejected for... nothing? He obviously said something but christ do these refs have extremely thin skin.
  4. Well, first, hope everyone will come out of this fine and healthy. Selfishly speaking, if there was one "good" (lack of a better word) time to get hit with the health and safety protocal, it's now with the week long layoff.
  5. Wouldn't having a vet like Rubio be just as important if not more for the development of these youngsters? Rather than a bunch of kids just running around with no leadership on the floor. He might still be able to maintain that value if that's the case. Not saying it'll happen (I mean I can easily see the side where his minutes will start to fade) but I think they need a vet to guide these kids.
  6. Doesn't hurt to stash if you have a spot I guess, but I'm really not holding my breath for any meaningful contribution ROS.
  7. One thing I did NOT expect coming into the season was his solid, reliable pts and ft shooting. I can actually count on him for 15-20 pts which is wild to me. A very pleasant surprise. I was a little down on him earlier this season but he’s got his legs back into it now. Well done Lonzo.
  8. True, it's a huge win for some managers who get the bye. But the 2 games might be really hard on some who qualified for those bottoms seeds.
  9. With the second half schedule out, anybody else a little bummed out that the raps only play 2 games in week 17 (first round of playoffs in Yahoo)? Will this affect how you see him on your team going forward? It's a unique situation because of how fluid everything is now (with postponements, makeup games, etc). I think i'll wait and see what happens for the next several weeks and make a decision then.
  10. Yeah. I guess the silver lining in this is that it will continue to motivate Fred (not that he really needs it, but it could add a bit more fuel). At the very least, the man better get recognized for a selection for the all defensive team. It would be an absolute crime if he gets no consideration for that.
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