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  1. I like it. No way the 9ers pay Warner the 20mil he's gonna want.
  2. Irrelevant. To many ? For a top 30 pick. You win championships by being ahead of the curve on the next JRob
  3. Trader to the Niners.. for Fred Warner + some
  4. I had him that year also. Didn't he get injuries at the end or something. I recall playing knile davis the next week
  5. Yes it's a competitive friend's league. And I may have approached the line up different being one week. But that's not really the argument.
  6. I've also won that league 5 out of 8 years Soo they probably aren't too upset lol
  7. Changed the playoff settings from two to one week per round last Tuesday apparently.
  8. Right. Trying to make make me out as a sore loser. Straight crap
  9. Comish in one of my leagues changed the playoffs settings from two to one week. This took place just prior to the weekend without notice. Obviously I played my lineup for floor plays. And yes I was playing the comish round 1. Feeling a little burnt. Shady?
  10. So the comish of a league I'm in changed the format of the playoffs just prior to the playoffs. From two weeks per round to one. He didn't bother to mention this. Obviously this would impact the way you might play lineups. Shady or not?
  11. Queue the totally redeem be yourself gif for johnson
  12. Hopefully johnson gets back out there after the half.
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