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  1. I got Keenan Allen for RoJo straight up a week before he exploded this past Sunday...
  2. Had my finger on the trigger to put Golladay back into my lineup but just couldn't do it... 😵
  3. Up 22.2 points and done, opponent has SF Defense... go Baker 🤣 Also need SF to win and both teams to combine for 45 points to win my weekly football pool, not counting on that outcome though.
  4. I want to drop him but with Hyde's injury history Duke could end up starting at any time...
  5. Geez... Pham just returned from one injury and now this. Guy can't catch a break (all puns intended)
  6. Hope for a stat correction to go your way in the next day or two...
  7. Raiders literally gave the game away and look like sh!t on National TV again
  8. The way catches/non catches are called lately not sure how that was an INT
  9. I just won (for now) a Championship by .40 in a Yahoo League so although I should be happy, I'm nervous waiting for the stat corrections to be finalized LOL
  10. Need a Bryant catch or a Boswell extra point/field goal for the Championship
  11. In one league I need Bryant and Boswell to combine for 21.60 in 1/2 PT PPR, opponent is done In the other there's no way I'm coming back LOL
  12. I benched him for Stafford... I should've known not to doubt the king of garbage time
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