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  1. Well, this turned out to be a real no-win scenario. Thanks to all for their thoughts. I ended up going with Hasty, who wasn't the best of the pack but also wasn't the worst, not that there was much separation in this heap.
  2. I'm coming into this late, but with Stafford potentially having to sit due to COVID, getting Josh Allen rather trying to go 1-for-1 on a RB is looking like a good move in hindsight.
  3. I’ve got the following choices; which one would you pick? Dobbins @ Indy Gordon @ Atlanta Bell against Carolina I also currently still have the option to pick up Hasty for TNF against Green Bay, which is tempting after they were utterly incapable of stopping the run last week, but I’m well aware that Hasty is not Dalvin Cook. Thanks in advance.
  4. Any chance you can hold off on deciding until you see if Carson is out for the week and becomes eligible for an IR slot, assuming you have one free? If not I would lean toward dropping Higgins, though it's definitely a close call between the 3 WRs you are considering.
  5. I own neither of the primary RBs that they play behind. My initial feeling was to keep Williams since he seems to have more upside when Jones is healthy compared to Scott when Sanders is healthy, but at the same time, if I'm assuming both guys will only get in one more game as starter, Scott against Dallas this week seems pretty tasty. Which way do you lean on this, brain trust?
  6. No safe bets available for me [...] Gonna just roll with it and see what happens.
  7. lol Carr trying to find anyone but Renfrow to throw it to.
  8. Guess who started Diontae Johnson, Russell Gage, and Jordan Reed this week...
  9. With the level of suck he’s displayed so far today, I’m not optimistic that he’ll make good on that volume, but maybe he’ll surprise me.
  10. lol I’ve got Dak, Julio, and Zuerlein playing in this game, what a disaster.
  11. Needed to defeat my opponent last week, by any margin, to secure me a playoff spot. Guess whose entire team decided to fall down? (yup, mine) Needed that same opponent to win this week, by any margin, to secure me a playoff spot. All she had to do going into tonight's game, with Wilson and Lockett starting, was exceed projections by 5 points. Guess whose team fell down? (yup, hers)
  12. Seahawks straight-up murdering my playoff hopes tonight. I needed my team to win and a win from the team in my league with both Wilson and Lockett. My team did its part (uncharacteristically)... the other team just needed to exceed projections by 5 points tonight. That ain't happening.
  13. It's cool, not like I started Godwin because I needed the points or something 😭
  14. lol I'd been waiting all season for Jones to go down so Rodgers would be forced to throw a few touchdowns and of course it happens (albeit temporarily) the game after I gave up on Rodgers for the season.
  15. With the caveat that I haven't owned or followed any of these players this season other than Hollister, my current thinking from skimming their respective updates is Fuller. KC backfield seems tough to predict, and I've got my own question marks about Hollister against theVikings.
  16. My opponent had Everett; I had Hollister starting when Everett got ruled out, and scooped up Higbee, originally to block my opponent. Now wondering if Higbee against Arizona might be a better start than Hollister against Minnesota anyway?
  17. It's a concern for sure, but his fantasy points in games with 2-4 turnovers still tend to be better than Rodgers' output ing games with zero turnovers. Rodgers just isn't scoring touchdowns with any consistency since the Packers get so many points on the ground this season.
  18. As a fellow Rodgers owner, I agree with riding Winston. If the opposing run defense shows any sign of softness, the Packers will likely just run it down their throats and leave Rodgers as little more than a game manager (not sure what happened in the Oakland game but that seems to be the exception, not the rule).
  19. Hard to believe it's come to this, but I've owned Rodgers and Ryan all season in a 14 team league and have ZERO confidence in either of them. Who's the better play this week with a playoff slot on the line? It feels highly likely to me that GB can just overpower the Giants with the run game, and Matt Ryan has fallen down time and again in what should have been juicy matchups (and New Orleans is not what I would call juicy). Next best QB on the wire is Andy Dalton, potentially coming off a 5 week benching. Thanks in advance.
  20. Woohoo, Pascal with 0.0. This is the week where the team with the least points wins right?
  21. My earlier post about the SF DST clearly did not age well.
  22. I guess the 49ers defense wasn't a much better choice than Pittsburgh this week...
  23. So the Falcons are up 26-0 now. Who's going to run the ball to eat up clock? Hill and Ollison only have 11 carries between them?
  24. You guys sure won this thread! Thanks for steering me away from a 1FP disaster.
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