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  1. Shouldn't we all wait to see what the coaches say??? The coaches have spoken with their actions.
  2. No confidence from the coaches = no spot on my bench. Combine that with the putrid offensive scheme and difficult schedule, plus the possible return of Beanie in the near future and I'll be looking at other lottery tickets this week. I still think Powell has great vision and quickness. I still think he could be an every(ish) down back. But, my opinion doesn't matter -- only Whiz's matters. Goodbye fun thread! (unless I miss on my waiver claims this week....)
  3. I probably stated that poorly.... what I meant was I don't care what someone else thinks the coaches think. I only care about what the coaches think. It's OK to speculate on what they might think, but not to just give your own opinion of what they think and claim it is a fact. There's a big difference between someone saying: "It appears the coaching staff doesn't trust him in passing situations..." as opposed to "He won't see the field much since he isn't trusted in passing situations"
  4. I was simply trying to add another interpretation of the facts. I'm not sure if you feel I'm stepping on his toes or something, but at a minimum you seem agitated. As such, I would like to offer my thanks for your analysis. Here's where we come to different conclusions: Then you make it difficult to want to engage in a dialogue. I'm confused to what you are debating? I thought I made it clear I take issue with your assertion that they don't trust Powell in passing situations. When you contend that he is not trusted in passing situations, I will simply point to the games where he di
  5. When has anyone said he can't be trusted on passing downs? He was the 3rd down back with LSH out.... Read the thread please.....it's a few posts above yours. Why don 't you read my post, directly above the one you quoted? I've read the entire thread -- that's why I picked this guy up two weeks ago. I don't care about the opinion of other posters. I care about the facts and statements by coaching staff -- both written and unwritten. I've watched the Arizona games, and I can tell you with certainty that Powell was in on almost all passing downs when LSH and Beanie were out. So, he'
  6. When has anyone said he can't be trusted on passing downs? He was the 3rd down back with LSH out....
  7. Good information, while I watched a lot of the game, I missed the play in which Kolb got hurt. Explains a lot and also explains why LSH will most likely continue to see a lot of snaps, specifically on passing (3rd/2 minute) downs.... Mostly good information. Powell is only sort-of a rookie. He was on the Cardinals practice squad last year. The play in question was definitely a miscommunication, and probably Powell's fault. However, the injury wasn't directly related to the error. Kolb tried to run and it appeared to me that he landed on the ball. And while it was likely Powell's f
  8. I'm not a huge proponent of Powell's, but today was encouraging. Keep in mind he was the 3rd down back when LSH was out. I think the argument that his role could grow is valid.
  9. I already had him penciled in at flex.... I've made all the wrong moves this year. Don't expect much.
  10. You must not have been around for the Ryan Torrain thread 2 years ago....
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