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  1. I jumped on the hype train the other day but this has been seriously underwhelming. He even looks dead last on the totem poll in the passing game to open up the offense. Honestly, his fundamentals looks real shaky and he’s the epitome of a “raw talent” but he’s a little too “raw”.
  2. He is by far my biggest disappointment from draft night. I get that it’s early in the season but this was NOT anything I read up on or expected from this guy. I’ve watched half the Sun’s games from scheduling and he doesn’t even dog for the rebounds, just looks LAZY! I mean Larry Nance went for freakin cheap in the late rounds and he’s been a BEAST. I’m giving it another week before I start packing him away in a deal.
  3. Agreed, I’m sure he’s gonna really get into the flow of the game with 5 minutes of PT over four quarters of play. Just chalking this one up as a match up issue and moving on.
  4. He was the unquestioned #1 last night which is why the defense swarmed him every time he touched the ball. Everyone knows KAT is the #1 but even then Russell is #1B since he averages the same shot attempts so far, if not a fart more, than KAT in 2020. Everything else aside he was as trash as you could expect by having the same collective amount of points/assists to TO's.
  5. He tried really hard to make me lose week 1 but I edged it out by a hair... I watched this game and it’s clear he’s not ready to lead. It’s unbelievable how much KAT influences the opposing defenses. I’ll give him another week to right the ship but this was probably one of the worst performances by a #1 option I’ve ever seen. He looked like a clueless bum out there and forced awful passes, big oooff.
  6. 100% drop Otto over Lou Will. Then again, it depends on your teams build but Lou is gonna have his patented 6th man role and Otto is so poorly utilized compared to PWill.
  7. Unless they start him for this game and he hurts himself again....
  8. None of the trades appeal to me in the slightest. Sit tight.
  9. Need to decide who to throw in my flex for a 0.5 ppr league. I’m leaning Diontae because of his insane volume while healthy but would love to see what everyone else thinks? WHIR!
  10. Ooofff, covid is really making things interesting this year. Now the Vikings vs Falcons game is in jeopardy.
  11. Throwin stiffs in the air like a true three down playa~
  12. I'd like to double down on this path.
  13. This^ How different would your tune be if he forced himself back in then herniated a disc and was out for several weeks? The famous saying is "damned if you do, damned if you don't" and it was absolutely the best decision at the time to rest him. The Chargers are not a "win now" team to begin with and they're getting a feel for the new look offense under Herbert which imo looks damn good, best 1-4 team by a large margin. Keenan should be all systems go by week 7, have faith!
  14. Hmmm... There’s ample news stating that Herbert has been named the unquestioned starter moving forward.
  15. I’m not worried about it. The timing for the injury happened right before their bye week and he’s already began rehabbing with all the stretching mid game. He still has a chance to log his fourth straight 16 game year as well, definitely not “Mr.Glass”.
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