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  1. This although note Bazleys % have been poor this year, hopefully we see improvement in the back end of the year
  2. Nope, take that and run - and you get to pick up a hot free agent or stream that last roster spot too
  3. As long as it's in a standard redraft league makes sense given you're pushing for playoffs - Jrue should be back well before AD, just hope he's in good health. There's no way I'd make this trade in a dynatsy or keeper league though.
  4. Don't understand why you're saying it's a veto in the first place - reasonable trade for both sides and vetos should only be used if colusion is suspected/known to have occurred.
  5. Agree with above comments - let's say something like Tatum and Beal/Lillard, and I'm interested - but you're loosing that trade by a fair margin if it's Tatum and J Murray
  6. As a Beal owner in a dyno league there's no way I'm accepting that trade
  7. Bledsoe from those three for me - depends on your team needs though and who else you might have to drop
  8. Depends who you'll be dropping but I'm activating in all leagues once he's a confirmed starter. I need my boards and FG% anchor back
  9. Much rather AD this year given KAT had multiple wrist injuries and now recovering from Covid. Shut down risk if that wrist flares up which is a big chance. If that wasn't the case it would be an even trade IMO
  10. No way - I'd decline that immediately if offered for Middleton.
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