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  1. Yes hes been trash BUT heres an optimistic stat. Today he hit his 14th double in 95 ABs. in 2017, he had 14 doubles the whole season in 460ABs. There are reasons to be optimistic. Thats 1 of them. Come get on the positive train
  2. Jazz Chisholm 1-4 with his 4th HR in 3 days. Gotta love the .176 .516 .822 slash line from this guy. Striking out at a ridiculous rate but does have 5 HRs in last 10 games. Christian Pache 0-3 1BB 1K Austin Riley 0-3 1BB 2K Nolan Gorman 1-3 1BB 2K Alex Kirilloff 1-4
  3. I get what you're sayin and dont disagree at all. But if he has a good week, the projections will go up as well. Baseball is wild week to week. Thats why there is more volatility in h2h leagues over roto. Im just tryin to be positive and see the overall small sample size of 30 games instead of looking into a smaller sample of a small sample size I guess is what Im sayin.
  4. I agree that given what people paid for him, those are tolerable stats but realistically you could probably have gotten more replacement value workin the wire. We are all hoping he just pops off which is a slim chance but he could still be a top 50 player for sure. His 500 AB pace as it currently sits is .258 avg .783 ops 86 runs 5 hrs 59 rbis 37 sbs. And thats with hitting 9th. Those are definitely tolerable stats with the potential to be way better imo
  5. Thats true. Just trying to see positive signs. He may be 7-33 in the last 12 games but I would guess most of those were XBH. RBI's are a product of the 9hole. As long as hes in the 9hole, his ceiling is limited but the potential is definitely there imo. He has 24 hits and 16 of those have been XBH tho. Thats why people keep hanging on(or me at least). I also have a 10-deep bench to hang on longer. And to be mr positive, isnt only 9k's in 12 games good these days? lol
  6. He does have 13 doubles and 2 triples and hitting the ball hard so hes still showing the potential. The SBs will always be there and if he moves up, the Runs will fly up but lets start turning those doubles into a few more homers and gets out of the 9 hole, he'll be a really good fantasy player. .258 avg .783 ops 7 SBs. If he turns just 2 of those doubles into HRs, that ops gets over 800 and he looks a lot nicer. Hang in a lil longer guys(if you can).
  7. Trout/MadBum. MadBum and Nola might be a wash ROS. Nola doesnt have a favorable schedule coming up and hasnt been able to get it together for the bad teams.
  8. 14 tm 6x6 roto keeper league. $250 budget and salary increases by $5 yearly I traded JoRam($16) for J.Baez($27)
  9. Who is this guy? lol. But seriously, no harm no foul. pickup and watch him suck beyond suck and you drop for the next. Didnt cost a thing.
  10. I enjoy some Kieboom and love the Gifs but he did start off horrible in the minors before going on to rake and then get called up. Lets wait n see and not jump ship. Hes a really good prospect.
  11. While I would love to see him be closer since I have him, I just dont see it happening anytime soon. Hes 4th in line now but he could definitely earn trust quick if he keeps this up. If Romo gets traded by the deadline, I guess he could snag the job but thats still a ways down the line. Its fantasy though. Romo could blow up or something could happen within a week to alter things drastically but as is, I dont see it for awhile
  12. Im not lol. I was willing to sell 90 cents on the dollar until today. Now its 1 billion dollars. mwuahahaha
  13. He keeps doing just enough to keep the interest alive. He may be the most talented Fantasy player of all time at "keepin the hope alive". The post-post-post-post-post hype sleeper. Yet hes my OF6 😕
  14. Gotta keep an open mind if you want to win titles. Guys come out of nowhere year in and year out. Check the Caleb Smith thread. Beede could be Cliff Lee or he could be Brien Taylor. You may not need to pick him up right away in a 10 team league but its perfectly fine to watch how he does and dont be afraid to pounce if he has a nice game or 2. I myself am in a 14 tm roto league and I picked him up already as a spec add and if he sucks, I go on to next, if hes good, yippee
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