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  1. I picked up. He has a 4-4-4 playoff schedule starting tomorrow, and there’s not much clarity on dipo. Nunn could start going forward. Good gamble for those of us in first or high seed
  2. Had him stashed for a while now, mainly because I’ve been in 1st. All I know is he was fun to have on my team late last season.
  3. The amount of passive aggressive comments in here is bewildering.
  4. Diversity is key this season. I’ve got all 13 of my rostered players on different squads, but still I’m giving up 3 games this week. The spiderweb of opponents an afflicted team faces in a given week is a killer.
  5. Things can still change, but the gleague guys just played a back to back
  6. Pistons vs Bulls being worked on for Wednesday
  7. I hope he does too. If not, Hassan wasn’t so hot against Miami in their last outing but still got 20 mins.
  8. Looking like Cavs vs Nuggets taking over on Friday--added to schedule in place of the postponement. I gotta find better source, but twitter is showing it primarily.
  9. Anyone remember which games (besides Detroit) the Nuggets had to postpone?
  10. In some cases you hope they announce who it is rather than keep it undisclosed. At least then you’d get an INJ and the ability to stream. But about postponements, I agree. The opponent during the postponed games is like a double whammy if you have players from that team. I’ve done well to diversify my whole roster (13 guys from different teams), but even then I’m giving up 3 matches to postponements.
  11. I grabbed him up mainly because I’m at the top of my league and can afford to test the waters here. Silas said they’d consider calling up KPJ or Kenyon Martin Jr. with the amount of injuries they’re dealing with.
  12. Spalding helped to the locker room. Maybe next man up?
  13. I’m just hoping we get word of them possibly calling him to the main squad in advance of a game and not on the day of. Gotta get my pick ups ready haha
  14. Heck yes, anything to get him away from sabonis and Brogdon
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