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  1. Do you all think he's the play over Guyton?
  2. Hurts. I'm worried of Chargers offense without Keenan and Hunter Henry.
  3. Chicago I'd say. Cleveland COVID threw a wrench into the situation, and I think some defenders will be out too.
  4. Tough, I'm in a similar situation. I like Tyron since Keenan and Henry will be out. I think Curtis has a safer floor, and is more likely to get goal line work, though.
  5. He's out according to Shefter. Anyone thinking Johnson is a good substitute?
  6. I am planning to start him. My alternative would be TY Hilton or R Higgins
  7. I like Corey Davis, he has a lot of upside. Godwin is a close second though. Thanks for help on mine.
  8. Need help picking my flex spot, finals matchup in a PPR league. Who would you start between Jeff Wilson or Rashard Higgins? I know Wilson should be the work horse, but I'm worried with how Shanahan plays with RB if someone else gets the goal line work. Post a link and I'll help!
  9. I like Metcalf and Allen, and if Allen can't go then Amari Cooper. You can't sit Metcalf this week. If you don't trust cooper, then go Gage.
  10. Irv Smith or Ertz. Trouble with Ertz is Hurts seems to distribute the ball around a lot, and he's behind Goedert.
  11. Thomas you have to see how the QB situation pans out. It's looking good, with either Haskins or Smith starting. I would rather go AB than either of them at Flex. TE you usually hope for 10-15 points from them, with limited upside.
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