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  1. Questionable for Sunday - return is imminent!
  2. Those are good numbers but still below his ADP
  3. Tough one for sure. I think that Nance is going to get the short end of the stick - as he has in years past when all Cavs frontcourt players are healthy. So I would keep Love.
  4. He's playing very well lately - but he's still not where his ADP is. So kudos to him for turning it up a bit but on a season-long basis he is still kind of under performing. If you're happy with underperformance then that's you I guess. I'm not gonna jump for joy because some guy is ALMOST providing what he's supposed to.
  5. I don't think I've ever not punted TOs for as long as I've played fantasy lol. All the best high usage, high volume players get a lot of TOs anyway.
  6. Yeah dude was single handedly destroying me when the seasokn started. But after he healed up and started playing b2bs he's been a monster
  7. I grabbed him after I lost Collins and he was just supposed to be a stream but now you can take him from my cold dead hands
  8. Wow this is shocking, but health absolutely comes first. He had an amazing career and was one of the best big men in the league in his prime. Enjoy retirement, big fella.
  9. Bazley is the living embodiment of this gif:
  10. Dude are you actually trying to say how a guy should mourn his dead mother? Jesus lol
  11. It's crazy how overpowered the Nets are when all 3 are playing. Like yeah Kyrie put up a monster line tonight and then you realize that any of the big 3 can put up a line like that on any given night. League f***ed
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