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  1. Yeah it's one of the craziest things I've seen. I think it's the recent free throw rule they implemented where players aren't allowed to take too much time between shots. Westbrook used to walk to the 3 pt line and back to the ft line before taking his shot - that was his ritual. He can't do that anymore.
  2. Yeah I've stopped hoping for him to be the 20/10 guy I thought he was gonna be. Waste of a 2nd round pick but it's working IRL for the team so nothing much I can do
  3. He just doesn't have any aggression or any kind of killer mentality. All the talent and physical tools but just total weaksauce mentally. He's happy to be passive and let big bros Booker and CP3 do the work
  4. Bjelica to the Warriors is very interesting. He would definitely provide some much needed spacing and tertiary ball-handling outside of Curry and Draymond. How do you think the starting lineup would shake out? I would assume they would want to keep Looney in for his rim protection and rebounding, so one of Wiggins or Oubre would probably need to come off the bench. Maybe they move Wiggins to the bench? Their 2nd unit is really bad right now. A Curry, Oubre, Bjelica, Green and Looney lineup is interesting. Or would Belly come off the bench?
  5. Drop Brolo and pick up Poeltl. I'm surprised he's still available
  6. The original article is paywalled but here's a summary: Pistons Cavaliers Rockets Kings Celtics Nets Pacers Timberwolves Magic Spurs
  7. Apparently he mentioned in a post-game interview that he's aware of his shooting woes from earlier in the season and has been working with his shooting coach to tweak some of his shooting drills in order to ensure more consistency.
  8. Hell no. Jokic is by far the best player in fantasy, I wouldn't give him up for players producing at around a 3rd round value. I would at the very least be looking to get guys like Curry, Harden to KD - to start. Joker is easily the best asset in fantasy right now
  9. Poeltl. He's the clear-cut starter in SA and will be getting 30ish minutes a night consistently. Williams probably has slightly higher upside but his minutes will be up and down all season Help here?
  10. Keldon Johnson, easily. Younger, more upside and more multi-cat versatility Help here?
  11. For some reason, WCJ was dropped in my league. His owner is near the bottom of the rankings and I guess he's getting desperate and can't deal with some of Wendell's inconsistencies I'm considering picking him up and wondering who to drop. Here's my team: Guards: Curry, Westbrook, Conley, Lamelo, Garland, Delon (IR) Wings: Siakam, Roco, Bazley, Levert (IR), Josh Jackson, Anthony Edwards Bigs: KAT, Capela, Poeltl Thoughts?
  12. I've been trying to trade for this guy all year. What an absolute monster.
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