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  1. $50 will need to be paid by new owner within 48hrs. 16 teams/4 divisions. 8 Keepers this season.4 minors that qualify. Weekly Lineups. Lot of trading in league. 6 games per week. Payouts are for 1,2,3,4,division winners and loser bracket winner. Open roster is: Ianetta Rizzo Dozier Shaw Gregorius Y Sanchez Devers Duvall Springer Buxton Pham Aguilar Hechavarria Rivera Franco Gomez Athlerr J Crawford Adames Tanaka Stroman Strasburg Peters Lynn Knebel Ozuna Iwahuma Woodruff Gibson Conley Pe
  2. I will take it if don’t get claimed. monkeyazzgambler@outlook.com
  3. Head to Head Point based. 3 Games played period. Bi-Weekly lineups. Each Period is 2 weeks. 5 Transactions per scoring period. 6 Teams makes playoffs. Loser Bracket for 1st pick. 10 Minor spots available. Draft will be a extended Auction on couchmanagers that will take roughly 2 weeks or less to finish. POSITION ACTIVE MIN ACTIVE MAX ROSTER TOTAL C 1 1 No Limit 1B
  4. If you win the the category you receive the weighted number toward your win column. So basically you can go as much as 27-0 each matchup
  5. 1st-$400 2nd-$200 3rd-$50 4th-$50 $50 Division winners each $50 Losers Bracket $50 Best Record Regular season Keep 30 players each year. WEEKLY LINEUPS https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/leagueRulesSummary.go?leagueId=f3ce09fmja6u6c58 Extended Auction draft on couchmanagers. Takes about 2 weeks.(Only have to check in once or twice daily)
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