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  1. But with the awful playoff schedule, I'm not feeling it.
  2. Minutes ramped up with the Lin trade and Huerter injury. The bazegod can still produce with just 25mins off the bench.
  3. New owner. What do you guys think his ROS outlook will be?
  4. Patience. He was doing well up until the toe fracture and he's probably still working with it. Yes, their frontcourt is packed but Millsap was never going to be a volume guy in Denver. If you drafted him this year, hopefully you didn't swoop him before 7th round. He's still capable of giving you popcorn stats - occasional three, OK %'s, low TO's, and stocks. I ain't mad those stats.
  5. lol bs. Kids not gonna be perfect, but let him learn in real time.
  6. WCJ or Bagley. Bulls players have been trending down since boylen took over as the head coach. Bagleys value is limited by his bench role, but as someone already mentioned his minutes are trending up. Blocks have been nice this year too, so you wouldn't lose much by keeping him over WCJ.
  7. Randle. He's cemented his spot in the starting 5 and doing well. Kanter might be traded soon, so his value will be up in the air. Love ingles, but the man is too inconsistent.
  8. Stay put. Gasol just got hurt and Memphis has fallen out of the playoff race. Bagley will also get better as the season moves on (plus friendly PO schedule)
  9. I'd pull the trigger - Beal is a monster without wall. He's even better than JRICH on stocks this year. Collins is good, but Beals scoring plus popcorn stats makes him way more valuable. Try to find a low end rebounder off the wire.
  10. 10 team, 9cat, punt assist team PG: Curry, Conley, SG: Nice Gary*, Brogdon SF: JRich, Ingles PF: Tobias, JJJ, Millsap, Klove * C: Drummond, Allen, Brolo Shopping Conley because Memphis is in a free fall and their PO schedule is awful. Hitting most of the cats well minus assists; rebounds and scoring is inconsistent (no klove, gharris not making the jump). Will probably trade Drummond and give up boards soon, but I need to cement my points. Mitchell looks to have found his swagger back. I'd get points but gain TO's. Should I pul
  11. No love for the senator? He's been an efficiency monster these past three games.
  12. Beast. Between him and myles turner, who has more value this season?
  13. If the organization truly wants to rebuild, they'll have to play love to sell him to other teams. If they wanna sell tickets, he's their only star so he plays either way. I'm worried they'll be blown out often and he sits fourth quarters plus this early season injury.
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