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  1. A little concerned about today's b2b. Hope he plays, to be honest i haven't heard anything, it's just a concern about a veteran in a rebuilding team.
  2. Kemba out until mid-late January, though it is still unknown if Teague starts or not. Providing he earns 25 minutes per game until Kemba returns, he could be useful in point leagues, especially as a cover for Kemba owners. I added him in a deep 16 team point league, what do you think?
  3. I dont think so...Having him in 18 team weekly point league with 8 players starting per week and rarely do i use him so far. To be honest, he is playing well but he cant do much in 20 minutes.
  4. Any predictions about his numbers ros? I have no idea to be honest, the guy is crazy
  5. I thought that the normal rotation could be something like this, so its not out of the question Ariza sticks with 25min per game. We''ll see... Fox 32 Joseph 16 Hield 34 Bogda 14 Barnes 9 Ariza 25 Bogda 14 Bagley 9 Bjelica 16 Barnes 23 Holmes 27 Bagley 21
  6. Added Damian Jones in a point league, 4-game next week...hoping to stick in 25 minutes range, should be fine there...
  7. Watched the game as well, the owners should be pleased with his role (starting, 14 fgs, 24 minutes after a whole year out) rather than his performance. Unfortunately Little played his best game, we'll see, hold imo in points leagues for now.
  8. With this kind of minutes (20-17-19 last 3) he cant produce enough. I was hoping that he would be in the 26-28 range where he has proved that he is useful.
  9. The most annoying thing about Bam's non getting PF on Espn is that on the link "complete stats" in his card you get to his page where he is PF only on the Espn site. https://www.espn.com/nba/player/splits/_/id/4066261/bam-adebayo In other words Bam's a Center on Espn Fantasy and a Power Forward on the page...doesnt make sense..
  10. They have 7 pairs of b2b games. So he's sitting 7 games in this scenario, he'll play tomorrow, it isn't supposed that he misses both b2b games.
  11. Are there any alternatives for the Fantasy Cast? I know it's still there but the new one just sucks.
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