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  1. this is what i’m trynna say, all the other people being overly optimistic are probably sitting pretty with a bye in the first round lmao
  2. don’t get why people are excited to see him back next week when he’s probably going to be on minutes restriction for another 1-2 weeks, he’s been a disappointment, a 2-3 week timetable basically turned into a 6 week timetable, i mean it ain’t his fault he got injured, just saying from a fantasy standpoint
  3. i have him and WCJ and both way exceeded their initial timetable, they problem with these long term injuries is that they’ll be on limit restriction for 1-2 weeks after they return, which puts the timetable well into the fantasy playoffs, it sucks but have to hold if you have a IL spot
  4. my worst selection for this year hands down, i should’ve done more due diligence on the pelicans, i auto picked him when he fell down from the stupid Yahoo rankings. Lonzo to start at pg should’ve been a red flag, also shoulda forseen ingram as a high usage player. This bum definitely the worst selection in the first 2 rounds, what a dame shame.
  5. funny i just dropped gordon for melton, but it’s because i also have House and i definitely don’t wanna hold onto 2 rockets coming off the bench, and plus gordon destroys your fg% half the time
  6. good thing i shipped this bum out for a deal that got back Collins, this guys gonna be limited all the way down the stretch, took him 2 weeks to get going and now a setback, stress reaction is very tricky
  7. there’s no way he comes back before 4 weeks which is FEB 6, honestly i do see a chance where the bulls just hold him out until after the ASB to give him more days off. No reason to rush their second year franchise center at this point.
  8. as a TB owner i’m so relieved he played more than his usual 18 minutes, but i’m not too excited for his outlook to be honest now that we know he was playing low minutes not due to injury management but his play on the court, yesterday he only played 9 first half minutes and on par for another 18 min night, when suddenly he was playing well in the second half and Brooks let him in, sort of like a momentum sort of thing. I desperately need him on my team and have held on for so long and i do hope last night will be a positive trend going forward.
  9. why did he play even play less minutes than first game back... that makes no sense
  10. seriously? out again, not to mention being ruled out one day in advance, all signs pointed to him returning today, what a letdown. I’m never picking this guy again, i should’ve traded him for Irving, atleast Irving’s smashing his ADP unlike Jrue
  11. just drop this guy and pickup a hot FA, trust me, with all the trades happening now in the NBA last thing you want is to hold onto this bum and misses out on a breakout game changer player
  12. finally someone who actually watches games and understands fanatsy isn’t just about yahoo rankings. all the other fools are just obsessed with his current rankings and tries to justify it by focusing on “last year” nonsense. Did the sixers have embiid, simmons and redick (avg 20 ppg now) last year??? it’s almost comical to a fault. you could argue he was on fire at the start of the year with them other guys in the lineup, but his usage rate has been dropped to the ground, kind of like how andre robertson was utilized. based on how he’s playing right now and over the past month.. it’s har
  13. there’s so many things wrong with your logic and fantasy probably isn’t your type of game, it’s safe to say you won’t win a anything anytime soon
  14. just did, won’t look back, he’s basically a s---y kent bazemore. hope you enjoyed his line tonight, 3/12 with 3 TO LOL, have fun having a headache and probably drop him during playoffs
  15. yep just dropped him and can’t wait, good luck holding on to him with his signature line LOL
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