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  1. 26 first pitch strikes of the minimum 27 batters faced. You just love to see it. And he said in the post-game interview he wasn't feeling his changeup until the latter half of the game. I started listening in the 5th inning and I cannot tell you how many times he got a batter to 0-2. The man was just LOCKED IN. Beautiful story with his father having passed away in August. Exciting to see him over the full course of this year as a young player and as someone that owns him in fantasy
  2. I personally like the SV chase as well, but agree that it makes the drafting overvalued there. I'm having a slightly similar issue with lopsided scoring overall in my H2H weekly Pts league (first timer doing pts) and of the top 25 current pt leaders in our league, only 1 is a position players (Acuna at #10). So there's been a mad dash for pitching. It's interesting thinking about this year and moving forward since this is a dynasty (still deciding on keeper amount, we stopped this league for around 2-3 years and started back up again fresh) and that the rules with definitely change next y
  3. You're right. It's the platform for my teams, so it's a point of reference.
  4. I recant my previous comment last page
  5. After spinning a 3-hit 8 inning gem against the Blue Jays yesterday with a career high 9K, Oakland's 27 year old lefty Cole Irvin has an ERA of 3.09/1.11 WHIP with a 34/5 K/BB across 35IP in six starts. He's allowed 2 runs or less in his last 4 starts. His time with the Phillies in the minors was consistently strong but never translated to the majors. A's defense is a strong plus, and doesn't seem to be a liability in BB department, here's a quick blurb on him, "However, he always had the type of stuff that intrigued scouts. His fastball can reach 95 MPH and has impressive sinking action,
  6. Depending on Kirilloff's wrist injury severity, might be someone you can get pretty easily after his recent hot streak.
  7. Couple of real nice options. I'd say if SP is your biggest need then Castillo is a steal for Brantley. I'm confident he's going to right the ship and the velo increase is very positive direction. Depending on whose on waivers, I probably like the Freeman trade the most though. But if SP is most needed then what I said above. Thanks for the help on mine.
  8. Well this post aged about as well as spilt milk, Yelich is back on the DL and Kirilloff is having wrist issues. What a bummer. We'll have to see how he goes. Still interested in hearing peoples suggestions on who to ship out.
  9. 10 Team H2H Pts Dynasty. Trying to get another arm or an arm upgrade because pitching is overvalued in this league this year. Got a few 1B and OF to spare and Lindor is a sack of potatoes I wish I could ship off. No one seems like an easy drop to make room for Yelich, let me know what you would do. Bat-R/1B/RBI/HBP/BB/SF:1 2B/SB:2 3B:3 HR:4 CS:-2 K:-1 Pit-IP/QS:3 W:5 K:1 SV:7 NH:10 L/HBP:-5 K/ER/BB:-1 BSV:-3 C-S. Perez 1B-J. Walsh 2B-N. Solak 3B-K. Bryant SS-G. Torres OF-Acuna Jr,Judge,Haniger UTL-Donaldson A. Kirilloff BN-F. Lindor, Goldy NA-
  10. 2-4 batting at the 3-hole. Encouraging to see him back on the field again.
  11. Anyone have an argument to start him if so? Just curios. Our pts league is pitcher dominant this year so I'm realizing stacking as many solid IP as possible is pretty surefire way to be competitive each week.
  12. H2H weekly Pts Dynasty (spread and team below for mobile). I have the interesting predicament of owning both Buehler and Hendricks who face off today at Wrigley. Cubs have some bats coming to life finally but Walker is a for sure start. Hendricks has been hot cold and when he's been cold he's gotten seriously smacked around. His control has not been where it's usually been in recent years and I grabbed him from waivers after someone dropped him because of his most recent blow-up. Dodgers have lost 8 of their last 11 but blew it open yesterday with 16-4 beat down against the Brewers and that co
  13. Seconded, Buehler is clear top 10 SP getting into top 5 SP range, I don't believe Melancon is in the top 5 RP ROS. But if he does, that's still a wildly lopsided trade. If it goes through then good for you.
  14. Paddack definitely has been a mess, but he's just too good imo and upside to drop. Depends on what you need more, maybe shift one of the other SP for a mid tier reliever? Cron or Garcia would be the bats to drop if you had to choose them. Also, Solak should be in your lineup (if he isn't), he's mashing.
  15. I understand we're talking about the #1 minor league catching prospect and the #2 SS prospect in baseball, but I find it hard to believe anyone would trade the consensus #1 pitcher (whose even getting better this year, scary) that has been tested and delivered consistently at the highest level. No way I would, especially with Tork probably not even making a debut until the 22 season.
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