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  1. Auction draft Towns 70$, Vucevic 35, Drummond 31, Cp3 28, and I just filled the rest hah
  2. I disagree, I think he´ll have to play center because it will simply benefit the team, I mean if Kuzma is his only substitute at 4 that means that LeBron won´t play at 4, and that´s absurd to me since he´s more of a 4 at this part of his career.
  3. Can somebody explain me how this works then, if Davis doesn´t play 4? What will Kuzma play,and when? LeBron also needs to play at 4. Will Kuzma get 10 minutes a game then? Davis will play a certain amount of minutes at 5, I don´t see how the rotation works without it.
  4. Here´s mine, 16 team H2H Towns, Drummond, Vucevic, Paul, Mikal Bridges, Beverley, Derrick White, Bazemore, Culver, Tucker, Fultz, Forbes, Thybulle Punting points
  5. 16 team 9cat H2H Auction Guards Chris Paul - 28$ Patrick Beverley - 5$ Derrick White - 8$ Markelle Fultz - 1$ Bryn Forbes - 3$ Forwards Mikal Bridges - 6$ PJ Tucker - 1$ Bruno Caboclo - 1$ Jarrett Culver - 5$ Bazemore 3$ Centers Towns - 72$ Drummond - 31$ Vucevic - 36$ What do you think, I am punting points obviously.
  6. Exactly, I can´t believe people are writing Spurs off, they added Carroll and Morris, Murray is back, they had big problems on the SF position and these additions are significant, they are making playoffs in my book.
  7. I think that there´s no chance they make the playoffs, west is too stacked, if they were in the east, no problem, but I don´t see them being better than Mavericks or Thunder and I don´t see these teams making playoffs.
  8. He looks really bad, 7-33 fga, 10 turnovers in 2 games. I know it´s summer league and we shouldn´t base our predictions and expectations on that but damn he´s struggling
  9. Nothing happened, at least I think, he had the game-saving block, I mean...
  10. Picked him up in my 16 team league, but I will say that he's overhyped. He's really unexperienced, Kuzma will be playing again soon, he could be useful, but not that good as he was in the last game, I don't see it.
  11. How are we supposed to know that? We have the same information as you do, unless there is someone here who has a friend or relative within the Lakers organization. I think he'll be getting minutes since Lonzo is out but you never know, I wouldn't be too surprised if they decide to shut down pretty much every veteran on the squad
  12. Added him yesterday in my 16 team league, a nice surprise. We'll see what happens, if can get more minutes, regardless of the trade, he'll be useful
  13. I love RoCo but he's not, especially not this season, anybody who watches 76ers would tell you the same. I love RoCo but this year he's not that great defensive player he can be, I know his stats looks awesome, but production IRL is not that awesome
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