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  1. Save your money. This commissioner will take your team and give it to one of his buddies. He will boot you without any notice under the guise of "inactivity". In a dynasty format where owners are making a long term investment, that is outrageous. Everyone should stay away from this guy. As it shows he now 3 teams to fill this year. STAY AWAY.
  2. Yelich, Story, Odor, Severino For Wander Franco, Luis Garcia(WAS), Yordan Alvarez, Royce Lewis, Colton Welker, Chris Paddack, Matt Manning, Mike Soroka
  3. Perfect world in Jays management minds 2020 infield looks like... 1B Smoak 2B Gurriel 3B Vlad Jr SS Bichette They are very high on Gurriel. He's going to get every opportunity to succeed this year.
  4. I still have not received any legitimate explanation as to why my team was stolen from me. Here's the response I got. "Sorry you're out. Some people complained about you." I had a phone number provided to contact me. Nothing. This commissioner doesn't even know who he steals teams from. He has no idea who I am. What a joke. Posey Goldy Kinsler Longoria Swanson Puig B.Zimmer Granderson Carpenter Apparently I wasn't active enough. Also I guess I'm a loser for telling people to beware that you will use any excuse to steal someone's team and give it to one of your buddy's. A team that won the first year and narrowly missed the playoffs the next year...
  5. This league commissioner will remove you from the league without giving you the courtesy of telling you. My team won the first year and was very competitive and active the second year. I was booted this year with no notice. Don't waste your time or money investing in his leagues. There were times during the second season where issues would come up and would not be dealt with for weeks.
  6. Would like more info please. kaymondo@hotmail.com
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