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  1. would the 2 start ups draft to fill the first 15 slots before the others join the draft?
  2. could you add the type of league, rough settings and which site? Thanks
  3. just friendly free chance to compete. the info is here http://games.espn.com/flb/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=104078 leave or message me at hehitthebull for an invite
  4. Draft is Wednesday 3/21 at 7p for a simple fun competitive league in a 10 team H2H on ESPN. The settings are at




    PM me or post a message with your e mail for an invite.


  5. If you will commit to a free league, looking for year long players who will stay active with their team even when it gets rough. 15 team 6 x 6 roto, free agents available 2 times a week to slow down streaming, daily line ups . Open to other suggestions like when to hold the draft between the 3/19 and 23. DM me with your e-mail add if you are interested. Thanks.
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