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  1. Bradley’s per minute numbers aren’t bad, but they’re not strong enough for me to pick him up on backup minutes. Seems like a best case scenario is he’s a low end blocks and boards guy. To put it in much simpler fantasy terms, the thunder are not going to have 2 breakout young centers down the stretch. So if you’re investing in Bradley it’s because you believe Moses is not the guy.
  2. No better outcome for a patient Drummond owner. It will be nice to have the big guy back,
  3. It's surprising how low this guy's hype is on here. It would be out of control if he were on a tanking team. If he keeps playing like this, he very well could have minutes in the mid 20's and will produce good defensive stats.
  4. He was in foul trouble tonight. Had 4 in the early 3rd and was yanked.
  5. As far as guard stashes go, I think he and Quickley are of similar value. NAW has the better defensive skill set for fantasy, but both have great shots at starting the 2nd half of the year.
  6. Good example how up and down some players are that you pick up off the waiver wire, and how the perception of their "value" can change very quickly. Dort had some value after his hot start at the beginning of the season. Then he fell off and became waiver wire fodder. Recently he had 3 straight 20 point games, including a 6 steal effort. He has some value again, right? He's scored 7 and 4 points the last 2 games. Quickley's been a little bit the same recently. But hopefully at some point he can break out for good. There's just no guarantee when that will be, especially if they trad
  7. He should be on some deep league radars,and I would consider him a stash a level below guys like Vanderbilt and Robert Williams. 6 blocks in only 48 minutes so far and it sounds like his defensive pedigree is legitimate. He just obviously won’t play much until the hawks make a trade.
  8. I've owned Covington since his break out year with Philly, and I definitely disagree with some that have indicated his poor start is part of his usual ups and downs that he's had in the past. Covington's always been a streaky shooter that can pile up bricks from 3, but his overall shooting and defensive stats have never been this inconsistent. He's pretty much been over 2.5 stocks per game since 2015. He's basically at the point where he's unstartable, and undroppable because of his upside. You either have a good team that can afford to stash until he's traded or he fixes things, or you c
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