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  1. Has there been any other update on him? think its been exactly 3 weeks since he went out trying to figure out when to stash
  2. Normally I feel definitely worth a stash But this year I just need all the games I can get 😅
  3. Coby White, Seth Curry, Maledon, or Cole anthony? 10team, 9cat, H2H leave a link!
  4. Do we think this guy pulls it together I’m holding in a 10 teamer but finding difficult for Him to turn it around or Kerr to let the chains go
  5. Hmm I think I like Boucher side hields stats are more easily findable , Portis is up and down, same with Boucher but Boucher possesses the unicorn skillset Thanks for help on mine
  6. If youre okay on rebounds/blocks and need more 3s middleton side makes sense. i dont like KP's injury history
  7. sorry if too late, but id drop Theis for Zeller if you're okay on pts and 3s which is all Bojan does. Zeller can get u 1 blk, maybe 2
  8. I think I'd stay put, thats alot of depth youre giving up not crazy about tobias too much
  9. i actually think based upon your team ,i like vooch, you need the rebounds
  10. Hey guys need some help! I currently have Jonas in my IL, but I need to activate him. Our league has 2 IL spots, but 1 is Covid-related ONLY and my other spot is occupied with JJJ So I have to drop someone in order to activate Jonas and my potential drops are Wiseman, Bojan, or Thaddeus So I have some scenarios 1. Drop one of those 3 guys listed for Jonas, if so who? Wiseman is producing the worst right now, and is semi-hurt however he does have the potential and I'm referencing that with Thad's role diminishing once Lauri and WCJ return. Bojan is hot rn 2. Trade J
  11. Yessir get beal hes a monster and maledon is a great pickup too
  12. I would agree with abice Thad Mason adams/maledon the first 2 guys can get a DD with assists and steals
  13. I think I like the Lamelo side as long as you can find a suitable replacement for kanter when Nurkic returns if not, the rozier side holds more long term value and you get 2 stable guys so if no replacement then rozier side
  14. team is G White Curry Coby Rozier CP3 F PG13 Thad Lamb C Boucher Aldridge ayton Wiseman IL JJJ JVAL Bump
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