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  1. In the main I agree but I don't think it's prime breakout. People were saying exactly the same thing with Gafford last season when WCJ was injured. If you're in anything deeper than an 8 team league though I think he's an add if you're chasing blocks but don't expect anything close to Gobert-like lines on a consistent basis. He looks way too raw.
  2. Exactly why I'm not reading too much into a big game today. Bulls are absolutely pathetic in the paint and are top-3 worst in the league for paint points allowed. Even if Horford gets traded (OKC deserves GM of the year if they pull that off) Brown is going to be a roller coaster to own, even worse than Robert Williams IMO.
  3. Size of Javale Mcgee with the polish of Jaxon Hayes.
  4. Kevin Love is injured again? I'm shocked I tell you, shocked. He's not worth the headaches in fantasy anymore. He seems more invested in his off-court stuff than playing basketball.
  5. Watching Brooks and other Memphis players chuck 3s when Bane is clearly one of the best shooters on the team but not touching the ball for multiple possessions is a headscratcher. It's a shame Bane is in Memphis. He is the type of guard that Detroit or Houston would really love to have.
  6. Will wait and see how he plays with Wall and Wood before passing judgement because KPJ is a headcase and who knows how he will go but I don't think owners could have hoped for a better debut. I will say though some of his 'assists' were a joke. Passing to a player who then takes 4-5 dribbles and has to work to get around a defender is in no way an assist.
  7. Rockets roster right now is really unbalanced. I think Patton was kept purely due to Houston having zero bigmen outside of Christian Wood. Even though he is probably waiver material himself Patton's still young and while he's not great he's one of those Cs that on paper fits the mould of what the league loves right now in bigmen i.e. a rim protector +that can shoot 3s. It was rough on Jones to get waived but Houston are loaded at guard with Wall, Oladipo, Gordon, Tate, KPJ, Brown, Mclemore. Jones just the odd man out I guess.
  8. Actually a really good time for Philly to showcase all of their guards. Toronto and Masai will be watching.
  9. I hope you don't mean reddit because that forum is the dumb leading the blind.
  10. Legitimately thinking he may not even play until late March/April. He's probably not close to return seeing as Grizz beat writers haven't seen him doing full contact practice or even scrimmaging with the starters. Memphis are dog***t when it comes to injury news but if JJJ was back training fully you would think the writers would have picked it up.
  11. You're right I actually missed that hit he took. Still his fitness isn't there yet. Have a look at when he gets subbed out in the 4th. He is heaving.
  12. For Claxton's own sake he can't really play more than 15min or so for the foreseeable future. He's basically got zero fitness right now. There's highlights of him bent over and looking like he's going to throw up against the Spurs and at that point he'd played just over 12 or so minutes.
  13. Definitely concerned. Can't fault MPJ owners trying to capitalize and sell high if they can right now.
  14. Watching KPJ's G-League highlights and he reminds me of OJ Mayo. Can score in a lot of different ways, can setup teammates when he feels like it, can steal the ball. Not that you can take too much away from G-League because it's a chuckfest but he seems like a jack of all trades/master of none type.
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