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  1. If u cant get simmons or someone worth owning, try going straight 1:1 Love for Drummond
  2. In a 10 teams league there should be better fas available than rivers. Why wasting value trading for him. Wiggins is not a multi cats Producer either, but if u can flip wiggins for another piece later (any wiggins fan in the league??) hood+wiggin would be acceptable.
  3. Vooch numbers will go down when all injured players (mainly gordon and fournier) are back. Harris should be a solid top35 player. if u can get Towns for those 2, i would go for it. The open slot can be used for streaming or a good fa.
  4. I prefer KD and S.Adams. KD and Giannis is also neck to neck in my eyes and Center is a pretty rare position so KD+Adams side win.
  5. Hi guys, I am trading away my N.Mirotic+B.Ingram for his T.Ariza. B.Ingram put up some nice numbers but since im not punting ft% he doesnt fit in. N.Mirotic is extremely hot right now but he has never been consistent before so im trying to sell high here. I guess getting a solid top50 player back is not a bad idea. What do u guys think? League setup: H2H 14 Teams, 9 cat
  6. Hi, I'm very interested in joing a reoccurring & competitive redraft league, since I am in a keeper league already (3 years and on going). Feel free to check my yahoo profile. My email is dattrinhhuu@yahoo.de greetings, Yaz0
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