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  1. If Yelich, Franco, and Kelenic can't get the job done, I wouldn't explore it any further. Should you? That's really tough man. My only advice is go for what you like. As great as both Franco and Kelenic are as prospects(I feel confident both will be superstars), more often than not, prospects bust. I'd lean Soto slightly over Acuna based on Soto's Hall of Fame hitting tool and plate discipline.
  2. Dissecting the numbers, you're not looking at much of an improvement here. This may actually weaken your team moving Lowrie into the lineup as opposed to keeping Muncy while rotating Walsh and others in your UT spot. I'd probably still do the deal though.
  3. Everyone has a price and no one should be untouchable. No one knows what will happen a year, two, or even 5 years down the road. You may not even be playing in that fantasy league anymore. If there's a package that you feel will help you will significantly increase your chances at multiple titles or cash multiple times, it's something to consider. A Cole/Ramirez base for a trade would be a very strong foundation for a trade.
  4. There's no harm in countering to what you feel more comfortable with. Now at least you know what the baseline is.
  5. Given the league size and what's available on the waiver wire(especially with having an excellent staff already), I'd go ahead and pull the trigger. If the league were any deeper, I'd have to at the minimum, get a quality reliever back in return as well. If you were to make the deal, I'd start streaming in SP's like there's no tomorrow too.
  6. Yes. He offers a higher ceiling and has a higher prospect pedigree. With that said, Cease has some pretty good upside himself. It's disappointing that you have to drop him to accommodate Pearson.
  7. I 'd strongly considered the original offer. So if I were to counter back, I don't know how much more I would ask more.
  8. Which could certainly happen as well. Are you saying that it's out of the realm of possibility here? There are many outcomes that could happen and I'm just tempering expectations. He certainly a viable option right now given his production and the amount of playing time he's getting. To suggest otherwise would be pretty dumb. If he's still performing at this a reasonable level, of course a team could come calling. Not only is he cheap money wise, he wouldn't cost much to trade for given he's a free agent at the end of the year. He'd be a no brainer option. To suggest he wouldn't is pre
  9. I'm not insinuating that he isn't. He could definitely put up 15/70 type numbers he's posted in the past. At the same time, he could get traded mid season and splitting reps with another catcher for a contender. He's on a one year contract and it would make sense if Detroit tried to get something for him especially if he's still performing well.
  10. I hate it when people use per 162 game averages. Zero catchers play anywhere near that amount of games per season with or without the DH. I'm glad he's having a good month but if he turns back into a pumpkin, no one should be surprised.
  11. Soroka has a higher floor and will more likely be able to help you.
  12. As depressing at it may be, you at least know Benintendi will be in the lineup the majority of the time.
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