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  1. Soroka has a higher floor and will more likely be able to help you.
  2. As depressing at it may be, you at least know Benintendi will be in the lineup the majority of the time.
  3. I would never feel comfortable starting Miley regardless of who he’s starting against. If you want to luck into getting some saves, keep Davis as he’ll do less damage to your pitching stats if he gets hammered on. I also don’t feel like those matchups are as nice as it seems on paper for Miley. I think he’s gets obliterated in one of those starts and pitches just decent in the other.
  4. Young Vlad’s hit tool is on a level where it trumps over the speed Robert provides. That said, I can understand if one would go with Robert in a roto format. H2H, pass.
  5. If it’s a H2H standard, while it’s a big blow to your staff, make the deal. Just be active and it’ll work itself out. Stream, reliever stack, etc. If it’s an H2H points, I’d have to pass.
  6. I wouldn't trade Woodruff and Rodriguez/Witt for Bieber. That's too much potential upside I'd be giving up.
  7. The question is do you like him? If you do, go for it. People get stuck on holding on to that waiver spot that you will miss out on a lot of other good players that can help your team.
  8. There's a lot of potential there with your young keepers. Big key here is whether your young guys take a step forward in their development as your whole season will depend on it. I like what the future holds for you but you're going to need some breaks to really win. I'd try to compete for the first couple of months and then hard about which direction you want to go in. Springer/Marte should be able to you a strong package build around Bichette and Rodriguez. Pairing those two with a Franco or Kelenic(or both!) and you'd be looking at a dynasty type foundation.
  9. Knowing you purposely punted steals, looks good to me. Staff age doesn't make a difference as you only keep 3 anyways. You should be a contender.
  10. I don’t like the first deal but you did well in the second. With and without Howard in the first deal is a pretty big difference.
  11. For a 10 team that you even punted a category for, I’m sorry dude.
  12. In a roto, it would be smart to take an elite SP in the first 4 rounds. In a standard, nah. Do you have to in either setting? No.
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