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  1. I need to drop one for mg individual defensive player slot this week. Damaryius Thomas, MVS, Sterling Shepard, Miles Sanders or Jay Ajayi. Thanks in advance, and WHIR!
  2. 11cat league, who do I drop to make room for DSJ and/or Rondo both actively in my IL slots? I’m leaning towards Clarkson and Matthews, or to be honest, dropping DSJ and only keeping Rondo. PG - E Payton, K Lowry PG/SG - J Clarkson SG/SF - B Bogdanovic, W Matthews, E Fournier, J Ingles SF/PF - M Williams PF/C - N Vucevic, B Portis, M Turner C - K Towns, S Adams, R Gobert
  3. To clarify, Alex Smith or Geno Smith...? Assuming you meant Alex Smith, then I’d say Smith for sure. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/686549-need-wr3-help/
  4. Damn, I envy your predicament! I got a stack of WRs myself but a bunch of injuries as well. Anyways, I’m not comfortable enough telling you two, but if I were to pick 3, I’d say Anderson, Tate and Adams. Help in return? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/686549-need-wr3-help/
  5. Ok so I got a pretty big dilemma right now. I’m sitting in 6th place in a 12 man league so a win this week guarantees a playoff slot and inversely a loss ends my season. I have Antonio Brown and Keenan Allen as my WR1/WR2 which has been a killer duo the last few weeks, but I have problems at WR3. Here’s my options... Chris Hogan (Doubtful) Rishard Matthews (Questionable) Robert Wood (Doubtful) Jeremy Maclin Josh Gordon By default, I’m pretty sure my options are only gonna be Maclin or Gordon. Do I roll the dice and roll with Gordon? Do I
  6. All other factors aside, I'd lean towards Miller as I tend to get burnt far too often starting "injured" players, even when they do get the go ahead (as I hypocritically start Chris Hogan myself today ?) Thanks again for help on mine!
  7. In a 12 man, 2QB league and I may need to drop a player to make room for a TE as I have Jordan Reed as my TE currently and he's a gametime decision tonight. Roster is below. I'm leaning towards Sam Bradford or Donte Moncrief but would like to hear others opinions. QB - Drew Brees RB - Lamar Miller RB - Ameer Abdullah WR - Antonio Brown WR - Keenan Allen WR - Chris Hogan TE - Jordan Reed QB/WR/TE/RB - Jay Cutler Bench - Rishard Matthews (WR), Donte Moncrief (WR), Sam Bradford (QB), Matt Forte (RB), Chris Carson (RB), Samaje Perine (RB)
  8. In a 12 man league, looking for advice on who to start as my RB2 this week (Lamar Miller is my RB1). I'm leaning towards Abdullah as he's for sure the lead back on his team where as I view Carson and Perine still as a bit speculative, but I also know Abdullah's had a slow start and my favoring of him is partially due to me being a Lions fanboy. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  9. I'd go Allen as well, I have high hopes and expectations for him this season.
  10. 12 man league, I need to drop 2 players as I don't yet have a kicker/IDP for Sunday. Team is as follows: QB - Drew Brees WR - Antonio Brown WR - Allen Robinson RB - Lamar Miller RB - Ameer Abdullah TE - Jordan Reed WR/TE - Keenan Allen QB/WR/RB/TE - Sam Bradford Bench - Jay Cutler (QB), Rishard Matthews (WR), Donte Moncrief (WR), Matt Forte (RB), Jamaal Williams (RB), CJ Prosise (RB), Wendall Smallwood (RB), Chris Hogan (WR) I'm leaning towards dropping Wendall Smallwood and Jamaal Williams, however, I'm already weak at RB so I'm
  11. And if I play Bradford, who should I drop? Smallwood and who else? I see a vote for Hogan, but I'm not sure I'm ready to make that move yet.
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