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  1. So… you are saying he’s gona take a step back.. got it!
  2. He is eligible at Catcher! That’s all that matters!
  3. Another bomb last night. those who need a backup SS can do worse.
  4. I traded for him before the start of the season with a thought towards contending in 2022. Him being able to provide some value in 2021 is a cherry on top!
  5. Is my Keeper league so no drafts. Best Waiver Pick: Trevor Rogers in March Worst Waiver Drop: Jared Walsh in February Best Trade: Ohtani (Batter) for Nate Lowe and Freddy Peralta in May. Also picked up Ynoa to fill the open spot. Worst Trade: Ohtani (Pitcher) and Civale for Christian Yelich in June.
  6. WTF!! I hope this isn't a keeper league! Feed bad for your opponents
  7. As a Cubs fan, I am ok with this.. Rather break it all down and rebuild then to addon to something mediocre.
  8. Luis Urías needs to get some love! He is still available in 50% of the leagues and hitting the cover off the ball the last few weeks. Also has support from a good lineup along with position versatility.
  9. I think he would make 3 more starts in the minors. They will probably ramp up his pitch count by 10-15 pitches each time. He is at 40 pitches after this start so we can expect him to go 50-55 pitches next and then see a couple of 60 -75 pitch starts. This would allow him to come back to majors with 80-85 pitch limit which would be perfect. We should expect his first MLB start this year to be on August 4-5 at Detroit if everything goes well. If they want to bring him back during a home series, they will have to wait another week when vs TB series starts on 8/10.
  10. Ohtani is the most polarizing player in baseball’ this thread proves it!
  11. He gets either Oakland or Houston after the break so I would still hold back on starting him but definitely needs to be picked back up.
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