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  1. And Sano is not that good to start with. Rather have Vaughn.
  2. Closer until the next 0.1 IP, 3+ run performance or blown save lol. The Arizona pen is a mess and not worth chasing saves for at this point imo. We are not even a week into the season and have seen Soria, Yates and Rosenthal go down. Debates over whether Merryweather or Romano are closing in Tor followed...Debates over what scrub replaces Soria, etc. What a mess.
  3. Sort of reminds me of the Yanks playing Gardner over Frazier last year lol. Billy Hamilton...lmao.
  4. Ginkel pitched all of 16 IPs last season in the shortened Pandemic year. Was good in 2019 also in limited duty. No idea if he is any good at all, but Devenski last had a good year in 2017. You know he is going to suck in all likelihood.
  5. Scary. Maybe he has some sort off career renovation, but Devenski looks like gasoline to me lol.
  6. Only pitched 1/3 of an inning (3 pitches total to finish out the 8th) and could have been brought in for a 4 out save. Chose to go with Devenski instead. No idea what the thinking is.
  7. He has sucked in 2018 and 2019 as well..
  8. Devenski has not been good in a number of years. Looks like a situation to avoid at this point imo.
  9. Mondesi should hopefully be back soon, so his value is discounted maybe 10-20% imo, but with auctions, someone will usually bid it up if they want him. As to Syndergaard, he might be back in a couple of months if all goes well, but he is coming off serious injury, so my guess is he goes for 4-7 dollars. Sale is the least valuable of the 3 and frankly I woud not bother.
  10. 5x5 Roto Keeper (keep any 6). Roster is below. Have 3 open reserves I will fill after waivers clear as there is no one on the wire that is worth blowing a high WW on imo. Had a hard time with this one as some strange things were going on imo. C Yasmani Grandal C | CHW C Sean Murphy C | OAK 1B Matt Olson 1B | OAK 2B Ozzie Albies 2B | ATL 3B Rafael Devers 3B | BOS (K) SS Xander Bogaerts SS | BOS (K) SS Dansby Swanson SS | ATL OF Cody Bellinger 1B,OF | LAD (K) OF David Dahl OF | TEX OF Clint Frazier OF | NYY OF Lourdes Gurriel OF
  11. No. Holds guys are a dime a dozen. It is a horrid thing to score in Fantasy imo and all it does is cause people to track and add\drop these mediocre at best middle relievers ad-nauseum. When multiple relievers can get a "Hold" in a game it means there are 30x3 or more of them around. In a 10 or 12 team league, that means you have 7 or more available per fantasy team lol. Granted they may not all be "elite", but outside of the top 30-40. who cares and the difference over 60 or so innings a year is marginal at best? I get that saves\closers are a mess and closers have been more volatile th
  12. No. If the other guy offered trade B, take it and run and hope it isn't vetoed. John Means is not worth worrying about and you don't want to give the other owner the opportunity to sober up and come to his senses lol.
  13. If it is a daily league, then maybe Tapia for some reserve speed on off days. Weekly, not seeing a lot that interesting.
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