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  1. None of those guys is worth wasting your time on imo. All of them are fringe players or worse in a shallow, 1 C league imo. Holland may get the job and straighten himself out, but I would stay away. Brubaker you can keep an eye on but he is hardly proven much of anything yet. Montgomery is mediocre and while he has some upside, I don't think he is worth rostering at this point in a shallow league. Merryweather and Soroka are going to be out awhile. with the latter maybe not back until July. Both are worth stashing if you have the DL slots. Unless this is a keeper league, there
  2. There is no doubt in my mind he is a major jerk. You can add on that he hurt his team just before the playoffs in 2019 as well with his stupidity and does not seem to grasp the effect that had on his team mates or Yankee fans. Regardless, you do not just release a player because he is an a-hole or nuts. If that were the case, there would be a large number of unemployed baseball stars lol. Now trading him when you get the chance to get some value to make him someone else's problem...I am fine with that. As it is, he is overrated anyway imo and the problem may solve itself if he does not pi
  3. It is no secret al all. Keep the ball in the park and the Yanks have difficulty scoring. Been the case for awhile, except now other teams are exploiting this by pitching outside and making them go out of the zone more imo. TB has the book on it. The Yanks refuse to adapt as most of them sit around trying to hit a 500 ft Hr each and every plate appearance. They are basically incapable of stringing 3 or 4 hits together as a consequence and it is not like they have any real team speed to manufacture runs even if they wanted to (which they don't). As to Frazier, yes a guess hitter guessing w
  4. Not as long as he is trying to hit 500 ft Hrs every AB imo. He has the same affliction the rest of the team has for the most part. Outside of DJ and maybe Urshella, they are all trying to hit it out of the park every AB. It has been an approach problem before and continues to be a problem. There is a reason why DJ is successful...he goes to all fields and understands situational hitting. Something that is completely lost on the likes of Judge, Stanton, Torres, Sanchez and Hicks imo.
  5. Yeah let's cut him and get nothing for him...sound business decision lol. Ask the Reds how that worked out wrt Chapman shooting off a gun in his own garage. German was not charged with anything. Not defending him, but since when do people lose their livelihood over a domestic incident where no charges were filed? As to the question, Javier for sure. the others probably are not worth it imo.
  6. No. Why would you downgrade to get Ketel Marte?
  7. Bingo. They were playing Gardner over Frazier last year when Frazier was hitting. The Yankee brass has a man crush on Gardner...always have. No one in NY who can judge talent reasonably has ever been able to figure out why. Right now, it is like we can't punish the likes of Hicks and Torres, who have been absolutely dreadful both at the plate and in the field for the most part, but we can punish the kid. That said, Frazier has an attitude and is not well liked in the clubhouse from all accounts. Gardner is. But the Yanks really have to get away from that and play the player who is goin
  8. Yanks are built to beat up on bad pitching and have had issues with good pitching over the past few years. The numbers against the O's are not all that surprising. Torres has stopped going the other way and is trying to hit a 500 ft HR every AB...it is the basis of his struggles imo along with just being a lousy defensive SS.
  9. The entire Yankee lineup save for DJ and maybe Urshella are not hitting a lick. Frazier has been brutally bad, but so has Hicks, Judge, Stanton, Torres, and the combo of Odor\Bruce. They can't bench the other clowns, but go and run to replace Frazier with Gardner (who is not hitting much either) after a few games. It makes little sense and all they are doing is hurting themselves long term imo. Right now, the Yanks are brutally bad across the board with horrible offense combining with horrible pitching (outside of Cole) and shoddy defense. Eventually this will pass and turn around (you wo
  10. Frazier is never going to be given a real chance short of him putting up Ruth-ian numbers. Boone and the Yankee brass have a man crush on Gardner and they already have more or less relegated Frazier to the short side of a platoon. He does have the best upside of that group, just don't think he gets the chance to play regularly at this point barring an injury. He has 2 bad days in a row and Brett Gardner and his 250 avg, limited pop and speed at this point are going to be back in LF.
  11. Why just pick on Stanton? Judge, Torres, Frazier, Hicks, all look like garbage as well. Bruce and Odor...suck. The entire team is basically not hitting much of anything outside of DJ. That is what happens when everyone is trying to hit 500 ft homers every AB. The entire team is just stinking up the joint right now. Pitching is lousy outside of Cole. Defense generally atrocious. Obviously they are not this bad but they better get their head out of their backside soon or they will end up in such a hole they will not be able to get out of it. As to Stanton, he has always been streaky. A
  12. Has not been able to stay on the field long enough to be considered an ace imo. He has pitched all of 2 full seasons in MLB. And one of those he basically was horrible in the second half. Has not pitched in a meaningful way since 2018 and we will be fortunate to see him in July of 2021.
  13. Because as I noted in another post, the starter's job is to win the game for his team and if he can't go at least half the game and leave with his team leading, he does not deserve a win. The starter's job has been to win the game for his team by getting them most of the way there with a lead. Not to become basically a long reliever that just happens to come out in first inning. As to the reliever being given a W, it has largely been considered irrelevant in baseball forever. No one quotes how man Ws Marianno Rivera or Hoffman picked up...no one cares. No reliever is paid or awarded
  14. Yes, but the thinking is you pitch to win a game and if the opposition does a better job of it, then you do not deserve the W. In the case of relievers, the W is sort of meaningless and always has been. Reliever wins are basically a statistical anomaly and no one really pays much attention to them historically. W's have been largely a measure of a starter. I know the analytics people hate the W stat, but that is because they have their noses buried in their computer and have lost sight of the fact that a starter's job has traditionally been to win a game for his team. Not to pitch 4 I
  15. The starter needing to go 5 has been around since the beginning. No reason to change that imo. Just because many teams have gone analytic insane with their bullpen use and their "quest for the ineffective reliever" each night is no reason to go changing the scoring rules like that imo. We have seen way too much rule changing to the detriment of the game the past couple of years with the most egregious being the ridiculous man on 2nd to start extra innings nonsense. Baseball endures among other reasons because of its consistency and purity imo. A win earned in 1920 is the same as a win i
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