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  1. I agree and no shots taken here from me. I was just putting up sentiment checks and highlighting how this is a common theme every season. The ebbs and flows of the season, and this being the NFL, makes fantasy seem super easy in hindsight, but not so easy in the moment. All I will say is that for the vast majority of these forums, attention is paid to the box score, and not actually how the players play, how they run, what the coaching staff is doing to put them in positions to succeed. It's so, so hard to find a run first team with a top tier O line, a great defense, and a back who has talent
  2. Ran like a man possessed. Has Houston next week. Congratulations to everyone who dropped him prematurely.
  3. This Rams front 7, special teams, all world punting, and obsession with running the ball (look at Goff's tape the last 6 weeks, YIKES) is as good of a layup that you will get in fantasy football. Granted, it is the NFL and anything can happen, like a Jets upset BUT in the face of all that we know, I'll take the other side of it.
  4. Handled 30+ touches. First Rams RB, nevermind any of Sean's, to eclipse that number of touches since Todd Gurley, in 2015. No other Rams RB this past half decade had as many touches. I think he'll be safe moving forward...
  5. Term gets thrown around A LOT lately, so I get the refrain but... he. is. a. League. Winner. Week 15 at NYJ Week 16 at SEA. 💥
  6. Checks log through 11 weeks of football:. Dalvin Cook: RB1 Overall. Adam "0 legit gamebreakers/deepthreats" Thielen: WR3 overall Justin "The Vikings primary Deep Threat in 2020 is Olabisi Johnson" Jefferson: WR 13 overall 😆😆😆
  7. Speaking of Diggs, someone who was Definitely NOT a steal: Dalvin "how to lose your league" Cook. He's ONLY the RB1 OVERALL (PPR. .5 PPR, standard, any format, etc.), through 11 games, after MISSING a full game and a half. Yea, not that guy. Slap yourself in the face right now if you didn't think the Vikings losing Diggs would equate to teams "stacking the LOS" and RENDERING their running game useless. Drafting a RB like Cook is HOW YOU LOSE your draft 😆😆😆. Who BELIEVED in that nonsense garbage? But yeah, Diggs man, him being a bum was EASILY the WORST TAKE OF THE 2020 fantasy off
  8. Never, ever again. Would need to be at a round 4 or 5 discount, if that, to be draftable.
  9. Ahh yes, the nod of approval from Pisedirin. You know what this means boys: league winner here on out. Pis, care to give us what your opinion of Dalvin Cook is, and what you think the lack of "receiving weapons" in Minny would mean for his fantasy value?
  10. The same time that the Vikings offense splutter because Dalvin Cook "can not succeed without a deep threat on the Vikings". lol.
  11. Mix of a couple of things, mainly being their massive run blocking protection regressing in the O line, lack of clear upgrades at the WR/TE positions, and a general lack of preparation against teams that seemingly are okay with Lamar beating them with his passing rather than running. Baltimore still sports an elite defensive unit, and can win games just managing and running the ball, with some timely throws sprinkled in here and there with Jackson. He's by no means a game manager, but the Ravens are not in the business of producing fantasy stat lines (like the Chargers); they want to win NFL g
  12. Been a tough year for anyone named "Hunter". Holding, since the WWs mostly are just as bad, and he's attached to a top 5 QB with upside every week.
  13. I am NOT tooting my own horn. Like many other users on RW, I appreciate some good old trolling, and hot takes (lord knows I have my moments) too. They're to be expected, and part of what makes fantasy fun, esp when you're wrong and can admit it. What ISN'T fun is when someone is completely unironically a homer/awful fantasy player, who does not follow, or understand how talent + opportunity correlates very highly to production. There are people on these forums who thump their chest and feed you GARBAGE fantasy analysis. Stuff that if you somehow took at face value, will cost you VERY clo
  14. I know Pis (fitting name tbh) here is unironically trolling (or ironically, who knows), but if anyone on these forums have listened to this man's calls this season across ALL positions... congratulations. You've played yourself.
  15. What a season. Special, considering he missed 2 games. Really hoping he does not slow down. Seems utterly ridiculous, but maybe we see a 20-25 TD season on tap? We're at 13, with 7 games left. 1.5 scores a game does not seem like an insane thing, all things considered. The Vikings literally give him the ball at every single opportunity. Mind bogglingly simple, yet effective, for the best runner in the league.
  16. If you're not from Buffalo (my condolences if you are), and you're this delusional, I have a bridge in the rust belt to sell you. "Yea, sarcasm on the internet isn't your strong suit". Neither were your spamming of a fantasy thread with the tried and true "but HE'S A WINNERisms" that were said of of the likes of Tebow and Sanchez. 😆😆😆
  17. "I'm going to list a range of 9 games, or more than half the season. I'm going to cite any game that falls within my narrative and bump up this post to show that I was right, within this margin of error. If I'm wrong, then you're not going to hear from me, obviously. But if for any reason during these 9 games (>50% of the season) anything good happens, then I was definitively right" I missed anything?
  18. Dinucci wouldn't start on most non mid-majors right now, in the country. They've given him keys to a NFL team. Hard to believe it, but it is 2020.
  19. Surprisingly before this game, Wentz has been a top 5 fantasy QB the past month. After his first 2 duds, he's put together a ton of great games with his legs. Outscored Mahomes/Allen/Rodgers.
  20. Zeke's days as a high end RB1 this season looks toast. I can't imagine how they'll scheme him to enough touches/opportunities a game with this kind of creativity.
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