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  1. A clown for speaking out against a fascist?
  2. he'll be fine once LBJ is back Chandler is a back up, Zubac is a classic good numbers on bad team guy, Javale....well OK historically he's also a good numbers on bad teams guy, but we've seen this season that he just fits perfectly with LeBron and good distributors in general
  3. Congrats to everyone who dropped this absolute bum! Wish I was right there w/ you and missing out on this monster dbl/dbl
  4. Sorry to bring IRL into this, but... We gotta be honest, whatever sh*t Jimmy talked on KAT/Wiggins, it applied to Wiggins right? KAT is just a complete beast, what the hell happened in this organization that they shipped out Jimmy and not Wiggins for like...literally anyone I mean literally as in the original dictionary def he's so bad I don't care if it's true that KAT effed Jimmy's girl if he's a real competitor just let it slide :| i swear this isn't bias b/c KAT shares the same hometown as me (we were literally born in the same hospital)
  5. I know it was only one person and everyone else covered it but I have health/breathing issues myself and just like, get real dude
  6. He has asthma and was hospitalized for a lung infection that can kill people who don't have chronic breathing issues like He shouldn't have played the one game he did after initially getting sick (in which he went 9/10 from the field you ungrateful fools) You don't work ANY job with pneumonia, like only a monster would have you come into a retail job because you'd get all your coworkers and customers sick Holy **** the tough guy nonsense on here sometimes He's a key player on my auction keeper team and I wish him the best, get healthy and get back to single handedly winning me blocks every other week \/
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