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  1. And I'm not surprised at all. Someone has to provide spacing for them.... or at least try.
  2. It's nice to read about all that approaches to punting and so on... My take would not be that popular, as I see. My favorite draft strategy is... the one than close to none of my competitors follows during the draft. I mean - so many times in my fantasy basketball life I got prepared for drafts with punt ideas only to find out that I'm not the only one following such strategy. Which ends up with overpaying or reaching for players. Of course, no one knows in advance which strategy will work. So the ideal scenario would be to get prepared for as many as possible... Another challenge is to b
  3. Z score is just a part of recipe for success. A very important one. The other one is correct team building strategy. It's like building a house - you need enough bricks (funny comparison, I know), then you can put them in desired shapes. And I agree that top players make that much difference. Not sure however if it's only Harden/AD, or maybe KAT/Curry (if not heavily load managed/injured) in roto as well. And that's why - to me - snake drafts suck. Even in H2H we can easily manage cat overkills by team building correctly later on. But anyway - we're getting far from the sleeper/
  4. I know it's not this forum part but... If anyone has a Fantrax league open slot, I'm interested.
  5. I read somewhere James Johnson failed the conditioning tests. I mean - there's certainly more hype than "out of shape" news but once a while you can find them as well.
  6. I actually like him as one of my centers in a roto team. Not so much in h2h
  7. Not sure winning is really that important in the NBA... unfortunately... https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbespr/2019/02/06/forbes-releases-21st-annual-nba-team-valuations/#4df2137311a7
  8. Am I right that they sell some tools? If yes - their ranks are probably not the best advertisement...
  9. If I'm able to get him at this price in roto - I'll go for it immediately. Unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough so far.
  10. From what I could observe - usually around 30-35$ in 200$ setup.
  11. I'd say it would not be that close but understand fan's point of view 🙂
  12. Looks like anything that can be somehow called gambling is now a problem for many US companies.
  13. The player value you see in rankings. Sure, it's for all the cats you play (last season rank, standard 9 cat, 12 teams, 13 players). Could be adjustable to league settings and cat strategy.
  14. ... not to mention increasing injury risk when you need to carry more weight during basketball games.
  15. It could be really close in some cases and depend on strategy/league setup but if I really had to sort them ... Capela, JJJ, Bam, Bryant, JV, Favors
  16. Speaking purely about player profiles - I'd rather wait and get Lopez cheaper if I need such categories. And I'm not really sure Lopez will end up being the worse player next season.
  17. Surely, we're not going back to the times of Harden being a sidekick to WestBrick and/or Durant. On the other hand - D'Antoni's style can do wonders... On the other hand - ... if you know how to hit a three. I know Westbrook's profile is good for h2h but I see too many red flags to even consider him in first 2 rounds...
  18. Indeed, hard to find a similar profile here...
  19. I actually can imagine someone playing around 16 minutes per game and being ranked around top 100. Just have fresh in mind what Mitch Rob was able to do within 20 mpg.
  20. Old saying goes like: "You don't win your league in early rounds but you can loose one there" 🙂 And that's why I'm a bit afraid of Curry who maybe lost his "injury prone" label in recent years but last year again spent some time on IL and now will be asked to work harder on the floor.
  21. Looking at Curry's games played last 2 years I'm not really sure he can easily handle all that increased workload now. Maybe I'm biased a bit as I invested a lot in Steph last year 🙂 So I'd probably go with Harden and punt FG/TO. As for next 2 picks - straight from your list Mitchell/Fox look like the ones to go. But also there are others that could still be available. Maybe Green with 30?
  22. Many of the minutes from last season came from Warren and Oubre being injured / shot down. However I agree that there will be available minutes outside of the SF position... Just I see more of them at PF with Saric being far from rock solid starter.
  23. No Gasol there, no Conley... Hard to find a guy who would be a shutdown/rest candidate unless you plan to rely heavily on Iguodala :-)
  24. I will let my competition enjoy his bounce back if it happens. I don't say it's impossible, just there are plenty of sleepers with bigger upside IMO. Thomas needs to be really in top form to overcome his weaknesses. Having a well built team around him also would help. The latter is not the case as we all know. As for the former - I don't really believe in him coming back to his top speed after all those injury plagued years and not getting younger anymore.
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