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  1. Agree above, all settings changes require a vote. That said, most of my leagues go no trade review to avoid the risk. All agree that commish has powers to reverse only if something shady or genuine misunderstandings could be proven (for example, someone trading for D.Johnson (HOU) and immediately realizing it was Duke lol). The commish in both leagues (I am one of them) don't take that lightly though, and mostly owners are left to determine their own player values. Of course, its easier in re-draft and low-money leagues as emotions are lower - bu arguably in other league the owners are more di
  2. I could go after Lockett instead?
  3. 2 keepers. I would have kept Bell and Conner, but likely keep Saquon and maybe draft after that. Hes also got Zeke, so at least one these guys could come back to me next season.
  4. I would not do it. I would go on the offensive and see if you can improve your RBs... maybe try to cash in on Waller for instance.
  5. Sanders and Sing .. Guice is tempting because of the unknown, but dont get trapped! I just dropped him in one league.
  6. Keeper, Standard. I get Saquon and Marquise Brown for Lev Bell and James Conner. He also wants a 3rd round pick for a 5th. I am deep at RB - D. Williams, Singletary, Sony Michel, Tevin Coleman. I am also tragically light for WR (Beckham, JuJu, Woods, Gallup). Conner has injury risk, Bell has a case of the Gase. Is this a good trade??
  7. Help! I've been hounding to get McCoy for weeks, and finally wore him down tonight. My angle has been to upgrade his WRs, as I am pretty healthy there. He wants Antonio Brown +1 ... he's floated Jeffrey or Murray but no commitment yet. What is fair? And McCoy has great matchups, but both Week 15 and 16 he is facing team's he's just played a couple weeks prior - I imagine that will lead to lower production? Notables from his team: RB: McCoy, Zeke, Gurley, Martin, Ajayi (don't ask - he's swung a couple one-siders!) WR: Ginn, Diggs, Smith-Shuster, Benjamin, Stills
  8. Sheppard, Matthews (Rishard), Doctson, Stills ... in that order. I traded away Hopkins, but would happily keep rolling him as well. I would hold Sheppard for this week if injured and play Matthews vs Ind.
  9. Don't do it! Ingram has the much better schedule remaining compared to Gurley. And Parker's upside is still better than Adams despite soddy QB play from both IMO.
  10. Tough to say dude without seeing your WW, and other teams to see what they need for trades. It'll be up to you to read the between the lines! The only help I give you is listen to the Fantasy Footballers Podcast and/or check out their rankings at https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/2017-quarterback-rankings/ I trust those guys over the yahoo/NFL projections to figure out who to start/sit each week. Good luck!
  11. I second Rivers. I think Min will get the run game going for TDs, limiting Keenum upside.
  12. I think Dak still has to prove himself when Smith comes back. Both Smith and Zeke left when this mess started, so who is to blame? I would roll out Keenum this week, he'll give you a mid level performance, but has a safer floor than Dak.
  13. Ben's at home against a vulnerable team - I'm rolling him out this week over Dak!
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