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  1. Yeah... I’m watching the game and he’s definitely still a great player. Not for fantasy, but this guy makes winning plays.
  2. 33 MINUTES AND DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! I literally lost my week because of this dude lol.
  3. 6 blocks and 4 steals. I think I may be in love with this man. He is looking like a league winner right now.
  4. Considering he was playing the Bears defense I’m pretty happy with this. His schedule has been brutal.
  5. I think Pop was just following through on the mins restriction. He wasn’t supposed to play today originally. Good to see White getting more run.
  6. We’ve known that tho. The issue isn’t Murray it’s Forbes lol.
  7. What did this dude do to piss Pop off lol I really don’t get what’s happening here and I’m not even saying that because I have him.
  8. So if he plays this week for Cincy are we starting without hesitation boys?
  9. Remember when Wentz went out and threw 3 TD's when they went to Lambeau on a short week and everyone was freaking out in here trying to avoid starting him at all costs? Yeah I do
  10. And your edit was exactly my point lol why would you not want him with HOF caliber QB’s coupled with actual competent coaches who are able to get him the ball in great spots. There’s no way you can cover both sides with that type of WR pairing. Teams like the Rams have been able to support big fantasy seasons from multiple receivers for years now.
  11. I was really liking the idea of him possibly going to the Saints or Packers lol. Imagine him with an elite QB not having to be the only option on the field. Playing opposite other world class WR’s would’ve opened up a lot of big plays for him.
  12. I'm leaning towards benching Mike for Fuller, but I am TERRIFIED Mike will have a huge game on my bench lol. We'll see if I really stick with this decision to sit him 😆 Also, How annoying is it that Jameis is clearly incapable of getting the ball to both of these guys in the same game? It seems like when one guy has a big game the other lays a dud.
  13. I think main driver here is your last point. AJ being 30 now I'm sure he has no interest in coming back and playing for this terrible team especially without a deal. He's always been a classy dude and really the complete opposite of a "diva" wideout so I think if there's any player that could get a pass for holding out for money (or a new team lol) it's him.
  14. I really don’t think you’ll need to use the #1 waiver on him unless your league is crazy competitive. He’s been getting a lot of work lately but that offense doesn’t really run through the TE a lot. I like your chances of getting him once waivers clears.
  15. Here's my team for you guys wondering. 10 Team .5 PPR QB: Carson Wentz, Matt Stafford RB: Le'Veon Bell, Leonard Fournette, Marlon Mack, David Montgomery, Ronald Jones WR: OBJ, Mike Evans, Tyler Lockett, DeSean Jackson TE: Darren Waller D/ST: Vikings K: Mike Nugent IR: AJ Green
  16. Whats up yall? Gotta question about two trades I'm sitting on from different teams. Should I make either of these or stay put? WHIR 100% I trade - Marlon Mack I get - James Conner or Melvin Gordon Let me know!
  17. Lets gooooooo Leonard!! I need my mans to be a tank this year💪
  18. Just traded Serge for JRich. Feeling pretty good about the move.
  19. 9 turnovers... I have never seen someone literally just throw the ball away like James does lol.
  20. He better or I’m gonna set the moose loose and rage drop him for Greg Monroe.
  21. God he’s has been rough to own this year. My 3-5 round picks are performing a lot better.
  22. Lmao while that’s true it was a little bit more $100
  23. Somehow he was dropped in what I thought was a competitive money league. Scooped him up WITH HASTE and of course he’s going off now lol.
  24. Should he not have SF eligibility too? Am I missing something
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