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  1. yeah bugs bunny is right, i checked and Murray is 65% owned right now
  2. gotta thank this thread for influencing me to pick up this beast from the wire back in November aye yea, congrats to him. ROY, he is getting there
  3. probably gonna be back after all star break?
  4. yeah he got hurt in the middle of a game and was playing hurt in 2 other games in February. Espn says he is still averaging 3.8 assists per game in the last 30 days despite all that, so his assist numbers have been trending upward
  5. why is this guy still 96% owned in espn pts league? someone just rage dropped him in my league
  6. i am pretty sure he is averaging more than 3 assists per game after he became a spurs starter
  7. how many players per team? thought d wade should be picked up in most leagues
  8. ah nice, same i was 3rd pick, doing pts league right now, and he is leading everyone
  9. after almost half the season has passed, i am glad i picked westgoat as my first pick
  10. same, monroe will give celtics a boost and make him more fantasy relevant at the same time
  11. you talking about yahoo? ppl are still dropping him in espn pts league lol
  12. why wasn't this guy on a team this season? lol
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